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Alien: Isolation can be frustrating, but it's mostly terrifying in a near-perfect way. The Alien is scarier than it's been since Ridley Scott first showed it to the world, and the atmosphere is thick enough to cut.

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NerdStalker1358d ago

I would recommend people play this for themselves and judge, game being getting some average to high scores, i'm pretty sure the folks from ign who reviewed this were just disappointed it wasn't the kinda alien game they were used to getting fps.

Dannycr1358d ago

I agree, but I would personally recommend it to horror and exploration fans. It is a game that requires patience and not all people have the patience to go through something like that. (like IGN)

amnalehu1358d ago

Nice review. I am still a little on the fence with this game though but I love the series...

mcarsehat1358d ago

Every other website seems to call the structure the only bad thing about Isolation.

strangeaeon1358d ago

Still not certain, cannot afford to throw away 60 bucks on a whim that I might enjoy this.

Benjammin251358d ago

I'd say if you love the first alien movie, but it. If you don't like the movie, don't buy it. I'm personally a huge fan (I prefer the first film to Aliens) so I can't wait.

strangeaeon1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I am a huge Alien nerd, even have a Nostromo baseball cap lol. Love the first 2 films and dislike AVP.

hiawa231358d ago

I agree, which is why I am Gameflyin this one

Symtar1358d ago

If you can you should rent it first and, see if you like it.

starchild1358d ago

It's no different than any other game. I don't rent every game first. Most of the time I judge whether I will like a game by watching gameplay and reading previews/reviews.

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