PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne: Connection with Demon’s Souls Discovered in the Alpha (Spoilers)

During yesterday’s alpha test a line was discovered, which seems to indicate a connection with From Software’s PS3 classic Demon’s Souls.

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rarity1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Maybe bloodborne is set in the demon's soul's universe. I hope this is than a simple Easter egg.

Abriael1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

You and me as well.

rarity1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

"I hope this is *more than a simple Easter egg." Sorry my phone was being a jerk

DarkOcelet1297d ago

Thats awesome to know , i hope we get a badass fight like Ornstein and Smough because it was literally one of the best fights to me last gen . When they came at me , it was my first time to charge a boss in Dark Souls so ferociously and somehow it felt fair . The best 2 to 1 fight last gen dammit .

nucky641297d ago

O&S was badass - but it didn't give me the "WTF!" moment that I had when I discovered (in demon souls) there were 2 maneaters!!!.....I finally lasted long enough to get the first ones health down about a third - and thought I was doing well.....and then maneater #2 shows up......what a moment.

thegreatklemba1297d ago

its all about flamelurker that boss was such a pain .I would love to see more bosses like that in souls like games. umbasa

nucky641297d ago

a demon souls remaster would be so cool!

Lovable1297d ago

When Demon's souls was first released(Korean). Me and other people imported it from Korea and Flamelurker was named as "Ninja with steroids".

Kivespussi1297d ago


But they probably won't be in the same universe. We'll see when the game releases but somehow I doubt it.

Kinger89381297d ago

I only played through demon souls once but do i remember there being a broken stone in the hub area that you couldn't use, maybe this is the place that stone would lead to or something?

Im sure I'm wrong lol, I'm no expert but love the series

A012345671297d ago

No that was the realm of the giants.

I'm not sure what the real story is behind the arch stone being broken, but people speculate thats where you first started the game with its comment based tutorial and inevitable death (or if you manage to live, get sent to the dragon who WILL kill you).

At about 1:05 you can kind of get an image of what the giants might have been like.

However a guy did some clever searching of the games contents and found the areas to be called Northern Limit. Based on some cut content he found it suggested a more wilderness like realm, that might have been a pre-level to approaching Boletaria.