14 Beloved Video Games That Criminally Never Got Sequels

WC: Taking a look back it’s not hard to find a huge amount of under-appreciated gems and cult classics that are long overdue a revitalising push into the new generation by expanding on their universes or signature mechanics. For the purposes of this list we’re also not going to be looking at the most ‘obvious’ of games that haven’t been given further sequels yet – like your Half Life 2s, Red Dead Redemptions or Shadow of the Colossus’ of this world – instead these are the titles that would come primed and ready to sell hundreds of thousands of copies thanks to built-in fanbases that’ve been hungry for more for years – some over a decade.

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aviator1891143d ago

Lost Odyssey and Jade Empire top my list.

Software_Lover1143d ago

Lost Odyssey
Jade Empire
Crimson Skies

aviator1891143d ago

Oh, damn.
I forgot about Crimson Skies. I only had the demo for that game on my xbox but I played that demo almost every single day. I probably should go back and play the full game at my friend's place.

Remy_Chaos1143d ago

I've heard nothing but good things about Lost Odyssey so I just recently bought it, but I definitely agree about Jade Empire. One of my favorite games on the original Xbox, though wouldn't it be multiplatform now? Also more Vanquish would be fantastic as well.

joab7771143d ago

I wholeheartedly agree but must add Valkyria Chronicles. Yes, it got mobile sequels but needs a console one. And Lost Odyssey 2 should release the same day as Final Fantasy 15. If they started making it now, it could happen lol!

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no_more_heroes1143d ago

Lost Odyssey 2 NEEDS to happen! Its not too late!

Mikefizzled1143d ago

Sakaguchi is making mobile games. Microsoft NEED to roll out the cheque book.

christocolus1143d ago

I do hope we get sequels soon. Loved blue dragon and lost odysee.sequels to jade empire and crimson skies would just be icing on the cake

In a recent interview about bringing back LO and BD here is what sakaguchi had to say

"While we’re on the topic of revisiting ideas how
about Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey? The writing in the flashback scenes of the latter were particularly impressionable, so we’re sure people would be interested in seeing an elaboration of that.

Sakaguchi - I can’t say much on that, since the franchise license holder isn’t just me. That doors not shut, though, so you never know”

After reading the article i decided to send the link to Phil spencer but just before posting it,i realised that others had beaten me to the punch. I hope Phil reaches out to Sakaguchi asap.

Magicite1143d ago

Sorry, wont happen. MS wont fund them and Sakaguchi fallen to mobile level.

christocolus1143d ago

Lol. Funny you should say that. In a recent interview with the media just last month.Sakaguchi actually made known his desire to create a new lost oddysee game. He said it wasn't his call to make though.

Xbox fans have also been asking for a sequel to LO,Jade Empire, crimson skies and Mech Assault. Anything could happen dude&with MS determined to sell more units in japan they could strike the deal with sakaguchi.

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Jughead34161143d ago

Surprised Heavenly Sword isn't on this list.

camel_toad1143d ago

That was an underrated very fun game. Definitely needs a sequel.

1143d ago
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