Xbox One console now available for £289.99 at UK retailer

Dealspwn writes: Who is winning the console war? The gamer, that's who. With the PS4 and XO releasing alongside each other, we've seen near constant price drops at retailers. This deal is without the Kinect, which has been dropped by most devs since Microsoft made it optional for XO gamers. Like the PS4 deal we posted earlier, this could be one of the best prices we see in the run up to Xmas.

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Bubiii1414d ago

Please buy.... Somebody... Anybody... Look we'll lower the price even more! We're overstocked, just please buy... Lol!

poppinslops1414d ago

It's the UK.

The Xbox is leading there.
Seems the Brits cannot resist a Fifa bundle...

Septic1414d ago

Xbox isn't leading in the UK. Where did you get that from?


You do realise that the ps4 has seen a price drop too?

poppinslops1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

It was reported here (n4g) a few days back...

Can't remember the source.
I'll have a dig...
Found it... Submitted by Raiz 4 days ago.
Mcvuk is the website...
Posted as a RUMOUR... Aha!

Oh, and look!
The article's first comment is yours...
You're Johnny on the Spot!

Yeah, turns out it was for the week or the month, not overall sales...

I done donked up!

bicfitness1414d ago

Leading for a week, on the back of a price drop and a bundle with one of the biggest European IPs (Fifa) does not indicate a trend.I guarantee its back under the PS4 next week.

TheFallenAngel1414d ago

The ps4 is leading on countries where Xbone is available. And most by a huge marge.

Magicite1414d ago

leading what? stockpiles?

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CervantesPR11414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Lol so true those disagrees are from people who cant accept reality.

And early next year, we have bloodborne, the order 1886 and the tomorow children. While xbox one will have...drum roll... fable legends?! Lol

I clearly said EARLY 2015 but let me comment on your list.

Quantum break is not coming early 2015,forza 6??? Wow talk about milking,is it even confirmed for 2015? tomb raider is a timed exclusive nobody cares,halo 5 yes we know its comming, crackdown 3,phantom dust and scalebound are not garranteed 2015.

poppinslops1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Quantum Break
Forza 6 (you know it!)
Halo 5
Tomb Raider
Phantom Dust
MAYBE Class 4

blueduke19591413d ago

"And early next year, we have bloodborne, the order 1886 blah blah blah"

What's this "we" stuff, junior? You making the games for Sony? LOL

Fanboys are so annoying

yarbie10001414d ago

When Xbox goes on sale it means Micro desperate....

what does this mean?

ThanatosDMC1413d ago

Sony being "competitive".

Perjoss1414d ago

Might as well wait, soon we might see them free on the cover of magazines.

Benjammin251414d ago

You're right. That would be a pretty pathetic free gift. Just kidding. :)

mcstorm1414d ago

That's a great price I am still finding it strange why Microsoft are not doing bundles with Kinect as well as with out Kinect as my bro has just got his Xbox one and had to order a Xbox one with Kinect online as no shops had it in stock with Kinect.

Great to see the next gen consoles coming down in price and if its been done by Microsoft it could be a great move by them as the line up of games on the Xbox one from now until December is great for exclusives and 3rd party and its been a great start for me with Horizon 2.

That said I'm really hoping the Xbox one , wiiu and ps4 have a great end to the year as the start of next year sees alot of the 260 million people who got a console last gen move over to a next gen console as for me now is the time.

Paprika1414d ago

To think its not far off ps3 brand new at retail. Really cheap, I might grab this just in prep for sunset and quantum break :) games I simply MUST play!

hello121414d ago

Its a good time to pick up a xb1 console, Forza horizon 2 out, Sunset Overdrive and Halo MC is coming soon

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