Alien: Isolation is tempting at £32.85 on PS4/XO

Dealspwn writes: Could Alien: Isolation be the game the series has deserved all these years? Most early reviews have a positive vibe to them and our very own Matt Gardner is shrieking his way through a review for us as we speak. Be sure to check out his Opening Scenes video from the link above (on site). You should act on this deal fast too if you want to get the game for an astonishingly cheap £32.85 as we expect it'll be back up to £40 soon.

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toddybad1415d ago

Where is it this price ??

rajman1415d ago

Did you even check the link?

RondoMachete1414d ago

Yes I've tried the link and it just takes you back to the original article and over and over again. Why don't they just say who's doing it on the article. Everywhere I've looked it's way above that price.

gamerfan09091415d ago

Meh can't really get excited for this. It's essentially the main player running away from an Alien for 20 hours. Just doesn't sound appealing to me.

Stsonic1415d ago

Half that time you are dealing with synthetics!

Dante811414d ago

This game is for patient horror lovers. Not every game is for everyone.

Volkama1414d ago

Ah just wait a week. You can buy any console game for ~£22 if you wait for one week. I haven't seen that myself, but SilentNegotiator said it and I have no reason to doubt him.

RondoMachete1414d ago

And where can you buy them at that price,you say any game,most are still way above £30/£40 and being a PS4 owner it takes along time to get them cheep. CEX is only now doing Watch Dogs at £22 along with others but that's not a week later.

Volkama1414d ago

Sorry mate I don't think it's true. I'm just being petty, I shouldn't have bothered mentioning it.