PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Screenshots/Videos Show Races, Emblem/Livery Editors, Crashes and Much More

Driveclub is coming to PS4 in just three days, and to start the last weekend of waiting the right way, here’s something to keep you busy.

Here you can see a large batch of screenshots taken directly with the PS4′s share feature and a large collection of videos showing quite a lot of details.

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thereapersson1415d ago

Pretty neat customization options!

lelo2play1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Oh boy. Sony is really trying to hype Driveclub. Every day there are 10+ new articles with videos or screenshots about this game.

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nX1415d ago Show
lelo2play1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@submarinna, thereapersson, Bloodborn

So I seem insecure? OK...

Did I lie in my comment? You guys should count how many articles there are in the front page of N4G or have been release in the last few days about Driveclub, then tell I'm lying or trolling.

As for Driveclube, I'll be playing the PS+ version. It will be more then enough for me.

EDIT: @Bloodborn
You are more naive then I thought.
Do you still believe in Santa Clause? Tell you a little secret. Santa doesn't exist.

nX1415d ago

You absolutely lied, 9/10 articles about Driveclub are not coming from Sony but from previews, early copies, livestreams or trade shows
Your comment was completely off, therefore the disagrees.

bleedsoe9mm1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

your telling me those tv commercials aren't there for the love of the game LOL the fact you got so many disagrees is concerning for the younger generation , should be more media savy and realise they are being marketed too . got to give it to sony this is a really sly strategy .

Jihaad_cpt1415d ago

Not sure what this has to do with Sony beside it's their video game. They don'e own dualhockers nor are they forcing people to post this news

FITgamer1415d ago

Yes because Sony submits articles to N4G. /s

uth111415d ago

No different than any other AAA game with impending release. Destiny and TLOU:R were much worse in this regard

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ps4fanboy1415d ago

I've got that lull feeling now , as I've been hyped for so long and now it is almost here....trying to remain calm!

PR_FROM_OHIO1415d ago

I'm not into racers but i will say I'm pretty hyped for this game!! Good job SONY you've sold me lol!!!

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