Winning Eleven 2015 Vs PES 2015 Demo Comparison

Katie from Gamerscore Whores writes "We had a number of comments stating that the Hong Kong Winning Eleven 2015 demo was better than the EU PES 2015 Demo. Which had us slightly baffled. We decided to play both of them one after the other, same settings for six consecutive matches to see if there really was a difference, or if the mind was playing tricks."

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Zizi1412d ago

It's the same, isn't it?

meatysausage1412d ago

Yeah same game. Only difference is Winning Eleven has licensed the J-league. PES doesnt have it

bouzebbal1412d ago

back in time Winning Eleven was better because it was running at 60hz compared to 50Hz for PES. Right now there is no difference in game speed. I still prefer WE because of the japanese speaker who is more "alive" and PESS speakers tend to say the same things all the time.

KingPin1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

he shouldve ended the video before the unnecessary swearing.

totalrecoilzz1412d ago

well i bought fifa this time for the 1st time in my life and all i can say is im addicted to the game its amazing i feel like im in a real game of football..the attention to detail is stunning and im loving the game play and all the modes especially fut mode i cannot stop playing it..and im also really amazed by the connection online i still havent had a laggy game yet..when i played the pes demo i felt it was nothing more than better dribbling than last years game i felt pes was going down the more sim route but this demo proved me wrong as its all arcadey with bad lighting and rubbish gfx and presentation.the action on the pitch is not very believable to what you see in a real game either and this is where fifa nails fifa for me wins hands down i dont even think its a contest and this is coming from a PESNUT!!!

iceman061411d ago

Yeah.....NO!!! I could agree with you if you just stayed with the online aspect. However, graphics and lighting??? Really??? Most of the faces in PES look miles better than FIFA. The lighting is one of the shining aspects in the demo. I can understand if the gameplay isn't your cup of tea. I get it. But, to claim that PES is "arcadey" and less "sim" is ridiculous. The AI alone in PES runs circles around FIFA. Speaking of running in about those sideline to sideline runs that FIFA midfielders make too often...for no reason at all. Oh...and there is really no need to use the midfield in FIFA, except as a quick outlet for a lobbed through ball to goal.
In the end, I'm not hating of FIFA. I like the game for what it is. But, I'm not going to shower unearned praise on it. Each game is different and I respect anybodies choice in games. I just wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment of PES.

Masta Kaos1412d ago

@ totalrecoilzz.....You talking nonsense!!! You've never been a PES fan.....Who you fooling?

Batzi1411d ago

Winning Eleven = PES.