Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One Frame-Rate Test

Digital Foundry test the frame-rate of Forza Horizon 2.

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Foehammer1330d ago


Well done PlayGround Games


night races
in the rain
racing in a river bed
racing a train
air shows overhead and fireworks

It's looked at 30fps

This would have been approve hours ago, and the most popular article on the site if there were large frame rate drops. Now the haters will slither away for some other article to hate on.

Go_Go_Se7en_301330d ago

This is one helluva game. The draw distance is also amazing.

0_0 Technical Masterpiece 0_0

bababrooks1330d ago

1 2 3 bang on Go_Go!!!!!!

XanderZane1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

That was the first thing I noticed when I saw the first video of the game. The draw distance is very far with no pop-in. The rain effects are crazy good. Water beads up on the car and rolls off. Water shoots up from under the tires. Something I can't really see on DC. When you hit other cars or crash through tables/chair, your car actually slows down and doesn't keep the same speed. Also the cars physics are amazing. That damn Ferrari is the smoothest car I've driven so far. I was put into an order Ferrari and the control was like night & day. Turning was slower and recovering from drifts was harder. Just amazing.

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4Sh0w1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

It's *locked at 30fps. /fixed

This game keeps my attention, Playground/Turn 10 did a amazing job, the driving physics, the variety of cars, the open world full of challenges, the seamless online, the customization and tuning, the weather with the detailed environments all combine to make one helluva fun game. That's what matters so I wouldn't worry about the haters so much, hell if they play FH2 I'm sure they would see why folks playing it love it so much.

Bigpappy1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Yeah. I don't see how any of the other racing games, coming this year, can match what has been achieved here. This games has everything from graphics to content and handling covered. So even if a few other manage to win favor for graphic style, how do they compete with the number of cars, Roaming, race diversity, handling, customization, avatar AI and overall presentation. All done at extremely high quality to boot.

1329d ago
DOMination-1329d ago

I've had a few dips myself but I think its something to do with when its autosaving. Great game so far though.

SojournUK1329d ago


yes, I'm that guy.

3-4-51329d ago

First true "Next Gen" Experience I've had with my XB1.

* This game is pure fun, and everybody I show it to ends up loving the game and wanting to go by an XB1 just for this game.

Doesn't mean they will.....but the game is even appealing to people who normally wouldn't play Driving games, along with hardcore racing fans.

Kingdomcome2471329d ago

I usually steer clear of racers, but the demo got it's hooks into me. I'm loving this game. It's a relaxing, upbeat, road trip sim for me. I can't quit playing it.

tgunzz1329d ago

Forza H2 is an absolute masterpiece in every way. From the opening cinematics you know something epic was coming, and after the game starts, it becomes more than epic... In the Topgear magazine, July 2014 UK edition there is a segment in it called road trip. if you can take a look at it, and you will get a taste of the accuracy that went into the simply beautiful landscape/scenery of Forza H2 along with the cars (it's uncanny). It looks like a piece of the blueprint for FH2. Please if you can, check it out. Game on. PS, for those forza players who get sensory overload from beautiful, and festival color pallet of this game, just adjust it down a few notches, and lock the visuals into ultra realism...

d0x3601329d ago

There isn't any real pop in per say but there are some shadow filtering LOD transitions you can see in certain areas but only if you are looking off into the distance at things like trees. It doesn't happen on vehicles and eeven on the trees its very minor. Other than that miniscule flaw the game is damn near perfect and a lot of fun too.

ScaryMonkey1329d ago

Can we still hate on it cause its only 30fps and not 60 like you guys claim all games should be when there only 30fps on PS4, oh wait that's right the open world excuse never mind.

TheXgamerLive1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Thanks for being a wannabe sony fanboy and stopping by. Move along now BC I hear psn is going down again.
This isn't a closed course racer its an OPEN world racer and a locked 30 is amazing.

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hello121330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

It feels really good for 30fps,i had my doubts for a racing game, but it worked out great. Of course 60fps would be better but both consoles struggle with that lets be honest and i can only see the frame rate improving for 1 console the x box 1 (directx12)

4xmultisampling would be a struggle a year ago.

In places i think the graphics look better than Driveclub, it just looks more colourful (forza)

[email protected] You kidding right, maybe your're not? Yes Digital Foundry said the game had 4xmsaa and you can see it though the graphics look awesome.

Magicite1330d ago

Of course not, hardly any console game has MSAA or SSAA.

KionicWarlord2221330d ago

"Further inspection of the demo shows that Forza Horizon 2 delivers its visual punch with a crisp native 1080p resolution, as promised by the developers earlier in the year. The anti-aliasing solution is also given a boost over that of Forza 5 via the use of 4x MSAA (multi-sampling anti-aliasing) - a bandwidth-heavy choice that we rarely see in use on console."

Volkama1329d ago

@Dmitrijs that's why I ask, it is surprising if true. MSAA is heavy on the frame buffer, and we all know that devs typically struggle to keep the frame buffer down on the One so as to fit as much of it as possible in the ESRAM. Both consoles usually employ much cheaper post process AA like FXAA.

If this game is pulling off 1080p with 4x MSAA with it's open world and slick effects then it is really impressive, relative to other games that are available on the same platform.

Having said that, even though Digital Foundry say it is so I am not entirely convinced. When I played the demo I thought the AA was a bit hit and miss.

I have the full version downloading at the moment so I'll see more for myself later :)

ABizzel11329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


It's suppose to and I wouldn't doubt it considering Need of Speed most wanted and be ran on a PC with a HD 7770, using 4xMASS in 1080p @ 30fps (although Playground never said if it's using 4xMSAA in-game or in certain modes like replays etc... which the EG article clearly seems to mention). This is an exclusive so they obviously were able to squeeze more power out of it (hence the better graphics than N4S).

It's also uses FXAA, but not consistently with the 4xMSAA (which again could be that they're using FXAA in-game, and 4xMSAA for replays etc...). But until I test it myself, or someone else finds out I'll accept their word for it.

It might be FXAA for open-world, and 4xMSAA for actual races which would seem likely as well.

But again I'll take their word for it.


Yes I agree DC at it's worse, looks like FH2 at it's best in places.

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lonelyplayer1330d ago

The last of us already achieved 1080px60fps and great textures.
Just because direct x is what every body knows doesn't mean Sony is not improving their tools.

And no, graphics don't look better than Driveclub.

Gravity_DoGG1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

"In places i think the graphics look better than Driveclub, it just looks more colourful (forza)"

you can't be serious. I wanna see you say that without smiling :b

Colours don't make better graphics.. Just look at TLoU

NeoGamer2321329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

So what? TLOU was a last gen game running at 720p and 30 fps (most of the time)...

MS is shipping the Halo 3 and 4 last gen games at 1080p, and 60 FPS as part of MCC.

What kind of upgrade do you expect when you take a last gen game and put it on a next gen console? Did you expect TLOU to be 720p and 60 FPS?

I agree that DriveClub looks better. But, it lacks true day/night cycles, lacks drivatars, lacks the tuning options in Forza Horizon, is not open world, and does not have the variety of gameplay that horizon 2 does... I would rather have a pretty game with lots of desirable gameplay features than just a pretty racing game.

Septic1329d ago

This is why you're lonely.

XanderZane1329d ago

TLOU was a last-gen game. Of course they could easily make that game 1080P / 60FPS on the PS4. That wasn't even a hard task really. All the Halo games that were on the XBox 360 will be 1080P 60fps on the XBox One as well when Halo: Master Chief Collection is released. Not a big deal. Graphics look just as good as DC. They are just different art styles, that's all. Horizon 2 looks brighter and not as dark as DC.

1329d ago
d0x3601329d ago

In reply to the guy above me yea horizon is using a full on Sim physics engine running above 300fps(hz) they have tweaked it a bit to make it more forgiving but the whole basis of horizon was that it's the forza driving engine but more crazy and "fun". Its like forza + dirt+ project Gotham+ open world

TheXgamerLive1328d ago

@lonelyplayer. Ahhh another sony troll, thanks for stopping buy. This comments section wouldn't of been what is it w/o you.

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GarrusVakarian1330d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

"It feels really good for 30fps,"

I agree. It plays really smoothly. And the handling model feels great too.

" Of course 60fps would be better but both consoles struggle with that lets be honest and i can only see the frame rate improving for 1 console the x box 1 (directx12) "

Lmfao. Oh KNWS, you never cease to make me chuckle.

"In places i think the graphics look better than Driveclub, it just looks more colourful (forza)"

Ehhh...not really. It's a great looking game, especially when the sun shines over the mountains and creates a hazy look on the horizon (pun intended), but I still think DC has the graphics crown. FH2 has more of a vibrant "cartoony" and arcadey look, whereas DC shoots for photo-realism. I can understand liking the aesthetic of FH2 more, but on a technical/realistic level, FH2 can't match DC. That's not to say that it should,'s good that FH2 has the look it has, it suits the game perfectly.

Anyway, it's a great game, I'm loving it so far. Well done to PG for keeping that framerate steady.

SojournUK1329d ago

"It feels really good for 30fps,"

That will be the motion blur.

Septic1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

I beat your times Lukas. And every time I see your drivatar I smash it up haha.

Wanna race for pink slips b****?! You can't beat me. I live my life a quarter me at a time #f&f #challenge #yolo

uth111329d ago

I agree it does look more colorful than Driveclub.

I think Driveclub is going for maximum photorealism, and the colors aren't always so vibrant in the real world. FH2 has more of an idealized realism.

Not that either is right or wrong, but that's what I see as the difference.

And personally, 30fps works fine for a racer if you've done the controls right. I think 60fps might mask a bad control scheme better and that's why people think you need it.

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BG115791330d ago

Pretty good performance indeed.

kalimero21330d ago

i don't believe in this frame-rate test.. KNWS obviously said that digital foundry are bad at frame-rate tests

NeoGamer2321329d ago

Go play the game and you will see it is perfectly fine. I don't care about the framerate test, because I have put 8 hrs into the game and it never stutters at all. That is all I care about...

No stutter = a very acceptable gameplay experience.

IRetrouk1329d ago

I really like the game but it does stutter and theres pop in as well, how nobody seems to have noticed these things is beyond me, fantastic game but theres deff stutter here and there, at high speeds mind you.

NeoGamer2321329d ago

I have over 100 cars in the game and have completed the Horizon finale...

I have yet to see popin or stutter. I would check the speed of your network connection performance.

IRetrouk1328d ago

Lol mate dont insult my intelligence, im playing on 152mbs fibre optic connection, there is stutter and pop in, i have seen both with my own eyes, it not bad but its there, whats next? Are you gonna tell me that the jaggies i see arnt there either, and dont blame my tv either lol

blakstarz1330d ago

Enjoying the game so far runs smooth for me.