New Bloodborne Alpha Videos Show Secret Area, Secret Bosses, Glitches and Spoilers, Great Graphics

Looks like the Bloodborne Alpha had quite some secrets hidden under the hood, and the video below brings them to life, plus two more great 1080p gameplay videos.

(If you don't want spoilers don't watch the first video. The second and the third are safe)

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spidermann1410d ago

No more spoiling for me! *splashes web on screen*

thereapersson1410d ago

I'll admit, I watched the entire first video. The music is too perfect for the setting.

bazinga_911410d ago

Bloodborne gonna rock baby!

TheWackyMan1410d ago

WAIT does that priest actually say umbassa? i'm gonna cry.

SoCalledMe1410d ago

I love the background music , has a Witcher 2 vibe in it

thegreatklemba1410d ago

and sill know one can figure out to transform there weapon in a combo to increase there move set ten fold. oh well. touch the demon inside of me ... umbasa

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