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Dealspwn writes: "Natural Doctrine is my cup of tea. As a fan of niche localised JRPGs, turn-based strategy and turn-based strategy RPGs, I am this game's target audience. It's not so much "up my street" as "moved into my spare bedroom, sprawled on my sofa, eating my crisps and beckoning me to play it at all hours of the day and night."

We'd be the perfect room mates, if only it would stop punching me in the balls every few minutes.

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Scatpants1415d ago

I was afraid the difficulty would be more annoying than fun. Its a shame because I was planning on getting this but most of the reviews say it can be cheap and sometimes ignore rules like turn order.

Dogswithguns1415d ago

I got this game the otherday... )

jholden32491415d ago

Ya, got this game and now I'm totally un-hyped for it after reading all the reviews.

SleepingHero1415d ago

Ima get this and not read reviews lol