Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Considered a curveball for PC users, Shadow of Mordor's whopping 6GB video memory requirement for ultra textures makes it - at first blush - appear the version to beat. On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases boast graphics settings tailored to each platform in order to squeeze the most consistent rate of performance. Visual features are cut back to this end - to varying degrees for both - though curiously we see certain visual effects exclusive to console. But on balance, does Sony and Microsoft's hardware realise the same satisfying, open-world Middle-earth experience?

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jackanderson19851330d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Hmm according to DF the game is coming in at 900p on the X1

also looks like a locked 30fps on both rather than the unlocked 60fps on the PS4 that was floating about

Kayant1329d ago

Looks like folks at beyond3d where right. Other differences include shadow quality and foliage in favour to PS4 with it XB1 having medium shadow quality vs PS4's high preset. Both aim for 30fps and PC version doesn't have motion blur for some reason. PS4 doesn't have a "subtle" effect compared to the PC/XB1 versions.

vishmarx1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

the not so surprising summary

The PS4 remains the best bang-for-buck version out right now. While broadly a match for Xbox One, its full 1080p resolution(vs 900p), higher shadow quality and increased foliage density barely put a dent in its v-synced 30fps performance. The Xbox One release is a solid 30fps too in matching frame-rate tests but the added visual treats on Sony's platform make this an easy one to call between the two.

*note that pc version actually lacks motion blur and AA for some reason while either console version have it

such power lol

MRMagoo1231329d ago

I was saying this game looked like a lower rez in the other article, I said the xbone looked blurry and was told it was no different at all yet here we are lol, there are going to be some embarrassed xbone fanboys when they read this.

Seafort1329d ago

PC version has motion blur option but most just turn it off.

It also has AF up to x16, tessellation, order independent transparency (no idea) and many more options to enable and disable.

The game runs great on my PC which is just above the PS4 power with all settings on high. Definitely not a console port.

donthate1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Eurogamer article is outdated, as GameSpot did an analysis post day-1 patch, and found the Xbox One version to be 1080p:

I wonder if the dev did the visuale upgrade to match or exceed the PS4 version?

GTgamer1329d ago

Damn we been getting the most confusing info about this game well at least DF put it all to rest PS4 version is once again superior (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ eat crow to everyone who were talking crap to people who thought the game wouldn't be 1080p on X1 and GameSpot Need to do better analyzing because they out here getting information from god knows where.

Kayant1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


"Eurogamer article is outdated, as GameSpot did an analysis post day-1 patch, and found the Xbox One version to be 1080p: " - Loooooool clearly you don't bother to read the article. It's more like Gamespot had wrong assumptions it was 1080p on both because of the post processing AA a.k.a like UFC. Also DF has the equipment and experience doing very in depth comparisons which gamespot or most other sites cannot hope to match. There is a reason they are virtually unrivalled for frame-rate/graphics analysis. Also the note on GS's video doesn't say it brings it up to 1080p on XB1 all it says is that both have the same patch with there assumptions it's 1080p because of the post processing AA.

"However, catching this disparity does take very close attention to side-by-side shots - in part due to both versions' use of a heavy post-process anti-aliasing effect."

uptownsoul1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

First off, like I always say, less power means more sacrifices…Secondly, Come on guys…PS4 having higher rez or better frame rate (and sometimes both) is becoming "Dog bites man", maybe we should only report the resolution and frame rate comparisons when the Xbox One version is better

GameNameFame1329d ago

You desperate xbox fanboys need to read the article.

It says comparison is done AFTER patches were INSTALLED.

Upscaled 1080P is not 1080P. My tv can auto upscale 480P to 1080P.

Don't make it 1080P.

FITgamer1329d ago

Looks like i was right about people jumping to conclusions about the Xbox One version being 1080p without confirmation from Monolith.

Ezz20131329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Alot of xbox fans were full of joy and soo happy that there is Parity between Ps4/XboxOne versions yesterday
this tell you guys's better not to jump the gun way too early

Bdub20001329d ago

LOL, PS4 guys gotta stop getting carried away. It's got the edge on games verse the X1, but to delude yourself in to thinking it's now better than a PC... Slow down guys. The ps4 version is "comparable" to the PC version on high settings, minus the higher FPS I get. But then, the PC version still has the ULTRA settings option which then takes the graphics to a much higher level. Plus, I do have motion blur on PC, not sure where that rumor started? Just fanboys I guess.

By the way. Regardless of which version you play, the game is freaking fun, and really, they all look ridiculously similar when actually playing the game.

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imt5581329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

As i sad here :


"...Any official patch notes from developers? I only found news about patch on gamepur ( gamespot is the source ). It is odd that only Gamespot noticed the difference ( if difference exist ), but no official confirmation from developers. Really weird. Anyway, wait for Digital Foundry comparison..."

No official confirmation from Monolith about patch and there was no update notes in patch. From where Gamespot pulled 1080p patch???

Anyway, pretty BIG ADVANTAGES for PS4 version in every possible way.

But MisterX will say it is a lie! :roflmao:

MRMagoo1231329d ago

well the locked 30fps should make a lot of ppl happy because I saw loads of people complain saying they would rather locked than unlocked, admittedly they where mostly xbone fanboys but still it at least shuts them up, basically put the ps4 version is the best on console and very close to pc if the pc isnt using the super textures.

kassler1329d ago

Monolith used the Kinect resources to boost performance, to 900p/30fps.

mochachino1329d ago

Yeah the game must have been 720p prior...900p is not terrible, wouldn't mind if the PS4 used 900p sometimes to increase other graphical effects.

Funny that Gamestop said it was 1080p on xone. They're really starting to misinform people. Their Destiny review was way off (IMO) and now they've mislead people into believing SOM was 1080p.

I hope no multiconsole owner purchased the game on xone thinking they were getting the equivalent version.

ipach1329d ago

online and campaign issues aside, BF4 at 900p def looked better than many of the 1080p titles out there, so very much agree going 900p can be worthwhile. like 900p 60fps might be preferable than 1080p 30fps for certain games...

CernaML1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

---"the Fack are you talking about? was playing the ps4 version 10min agon and its CLEARLY not capped at 30fps, dont be ridiculous with your bullshit....oh you can count on me to rub it in your face if the game is playing between 30-60fps, perpare yourself to eat your short son.(if the ps4 version go over 31fps, ...i will bring you a nice plate and a fork for your short eating session)"

---"Bookmarking this so I can see CernaML damage control."

---"Someone's going to look stupid when DF analyzes this, and shows it clearly is not capped."

These were the kind of comments I received when I posted the fact that this game ran at a capped/locked 30fps on the PS4 a few days ago. I wasn't trying to troll, in fact I was expressing my disappointment in those headlines that lied about the 60fps frame rate on PS4... unless something changed at the last minute. No excuse though, we were all mislead to believe this game performed better than it does on the PS4.

Anyway, I got a nice big serving of crow for all those who doubted me.

Kayant1329d ago

Loool nice the confusion came from a video a while ago where Monolith said they aiming for 60fps on PS4 or something along those lines and WB/Monolith haven't bother to update us from then so people went with the assumption it's unlocked 60/60 fps.

MasterCornholio1329d ago

Digital Foundry proved you right after all.


However the two versions are not identical with the PS4 version being the best version of the game on consoles. On a side note I'm happy that the framerate is solid on both though which is the most important part. I'm still deciding between this game and Aliens Isolation.

isa_scout1329d ago

I want to play Alien to, but man I love this game... Nemesis system is the most next-gen feature I've seen so far on PS4 and Xbox One.

MRMagoo1231329d ago

this game is better by far than the aliens game but get both anyway and just play them when you can.

MasterCornholio1329d ago


This is going to sound crazy but I'll say it anyways. I really want to play both but at the moment I'm leaning more towards aliens than Shadow of Moordoor. The reason why will sound crazy, its because I already ordered an open world game called Minecraft and I would like a more closed expedience than an open one of that makes any sense to you.

I'll make my decision once a played Minecraft for a while.

starchild1329d ago

Yep, I was pretty sure you were right, despite the rabid fanboys attacking you.

A lot of Sony fans are gloating and bashing Xbox fans for jumping to conclusions, but it seems they want to ignore the fact that many Sony fans were wrong about the framerate. I saw tons of Sony fans claiming the PS4 version is an "unlocked 60fps".

All the people bashing you over your comment look like fools now.

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bazinga_911329d ago Show
windblowsagain1329d ago

One doesn't simply walk into mordor.

Volkama1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

... Without first counting how many pixels it is rendered with."

Don't know why people always forget the second half of that quote.

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