Colorful Co-Op Action-RPG Izle Is Heading To PC, Next-Gen Consoles In 2015

"Izle is a low-poly co-op 3D action adventure RPG that’ll be bringing its vibrant colors to PC and next-gen consoles (none specified yet) in 2015.

Parisian developer Area Effect has been sharing work-in-progress screenshots of Izle recently and it has certainly proved eye-catching. The world of Izle is a colorful place, which makes it all the more heart-breaking if you were to fail the game’s mission and have to watch as it’s consumed by darkness."

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stragomccloud1414d ago

Wow! Next gen consoles are coming already? 2015 you guys! Xbox Two, PS5, and Wii U 2.

AnotherProGamer1414d ago

wonder how long people are still going to call these current gen consoles "next gen"

FsterThnFTL1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Last-Gen = PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
Pre-Current-Gen = WiiU
Current-Gen = PS4, Xbox One
True-Next-Gen = PC

AKR1414d ago

*Pre*"Current-Gen? The hell?

The Wii U is as much "current-gen" as PS4 and XBO is. Generation is defined by AGE not specs, dude.

1414d ago
MegaRay1414d ago

Hope it comes to Vita. I prefer RPGs on the go

Relientk771414d ago

This game looks sweet and colorful

rextraordinaire1414d ago

Looks interesting! I'll keep an eye on this!

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