18 of the N64's weirdest games to celebrate its 18th birthday

"Nintendo 64! Gaming machine that birthed the modern Nintendo, maker of consoles with libraries both peculiar and specific! Like the Wii U, Wii, and Gamecube that followed, the Nintendo 64 played host to a handful of revolutionary games, some real garbage, and some stuff that was frankly just bizarre.

This week, the Nintendo 64 turns 18 years old, an auspicious year. That's when people start to branch out, to experiment beyond the social mores of youth and high school. Learning new things, meeting unusual people, and creating your adult self from the ground up. You know, when you take a comp lit class, get an industrial piercing, and start wearing garish, insane clothing.

To salute the N64's passage into this period, we celebrate games that reflect that weird, weird, weird stage of life. Occasionally brilliant, sometimes embarrassing, these are 18 games for the 18-year-old N64."

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TheLyonKing1330d ago

Not a fan of slides or one on each page so barely read them.

No mystical ninja though which is an over sight, that's a really fun but weird game.

I am glad mischief makers is there.

joel_c171330d ago

Saw it was a click through site and left - hate giving these sites hits. Can someone list them

escott0131330d ago

Clicker site, I did it so you don't have to:

1: Hey You, Pikachu!
2: Mischief Makers
3: Animal Crossing
4: Blast Core
5: Pokemon Snap! (one of my old favorites!)
6: Castlevania 64
7: Doshin the Giant
8: N64 DD Creation Software (Disk drive accessory for N64)
9: Glover
10: Neon Genesis Evangelion
11: Jet Force Gemini (ahead of it's time, I might add)
12: Sin & Punishment
13: Bangai-O
14: Hybrid Heaven
15: Perfect Dark (Amazing for it's time)
16: Resident Evil 2 (Only N64 game to have full-motion video)
17: Space Station Silicon Valley
18: StarCraft 64 (Yes. The RTS by Blizzard!)

Passenger1330d ago

Thank you! :D Hate these SliderSidesToMakeMoreC0in >_>

LightDiego1330d ago

I really miss Jet Force Gemini, so underrated.

Relientk771330d ago

Doshin the Giant? what is that lol