How Realistic will the Water be in Titanic: Honor and Glory?

After Steve Hall read the question and others, Thomas Lynskey provided the answers through the video. Here's his statement:

“This has been a very important focus of ours throughout the production of this game because it’s not a good Titanic game unless it has semi-realistic flowing water. Water is one of the biggest difficulties in any video game engine has. There actually was only one game that comes to mind that has semi-realistic water. It was a few years ago, and it was called Hydrophobia. I never played it, but I’ve seen clips of it. And, we are aiming to do something like that. In fact, this water effect question is one of the main reasons why we switched over to Unreal [Engine 4] instead of Cry ENGINE, so we’re going as real as possible. Whatever the best is that’s out there, we will do our best to integrate it into the engine. If computer technology doesn’t allow it at the time, we’re just gonna have to make it work with what’s ever available.”

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CustardTrout1415d ago

Not as good as Super Mario Sunshine's water.

THC CELL1415d ago

Uncharted 2 water was good with sinking ship

DallasTrout1415d ago

You're thinking of Uncharted 3. And yes, that water was amazing. Even more impressive, it was all procedurally generated.

TheWackyMan1415d ago

I wonder what the ending is going to be. ;)

Neonridr1414d ago

I'm guessing after a number of close calls, everyone gets their happily ever after..

chrissx1415d ago

If its anywhere as good as gta v's water then good

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