10 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept To Enjoy The Xbox One

WC: A relative latecomer to the game (and to games) is Microsoft, who hit the ground running with the first Xbox in the early noughties and became serious contenders with the follow-up 360. Now the confusingly titled Xbox One is battling for supremacy against the Playstation 4 and, well, we’ve had time to thing about the experience. There’s been highs, lows, laughter and tears. In the end, we’re pretty happy with it. Mostly. Here are ten crazy things you just have to accept to enjoy the Xbox One.

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Foehammer1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

You have to enjoy great games like

Forza horizon 2
The Master Chief Collection
Sunset Overdrive
Ori and the Blind Forest
Quantum Break
The Division
and on and on

BigShotSmoov0071298d ago

Very Very true, oh the horror.

jambola1298d ago

Actually you don't have to.

poppinslops1298d ago

Yes you do...

It's the law.

dirkdady1298d ago

isn't the install base for the Xbox One really small? something like around 3 mil US and under 2 mil rest of world? Last I checked there was a table on Neogaf showing while initial 2 month launch sales put it selling faster than the 360, for the past 8 plus months this has been trending down in the sense that as every month it has been selling less month-on-month than where the Xbox 360 was at same point in its life.

That's a really small userbase in contrast to the 10+ mil for the PS4.I guess the reason I bring this up is in a couple years if this continues will the Xbox One be a smaller niche audience with a few die hard - but vocal fans burning the Xbox candle? I suppose Microsoft could bounce back and conquer Europe, US and Asia markets but I guess that would be an unlikely scenario.

Foehammer1298d ago

You forgot two very important points in any comparison between 360 and X1.

1) 360 had no next ten competition

2) 360 launched in 36 Countries then quickly add 4 more, X1 has been in just 13 Countries since launch.

Now it will be interesting to compare 360 sales to X1 sales since both are now in approximately the same number of Countries.

dirkdady1298d ago

True but you could argue that the ps4 is still doing better than 360 with competition same point in its life - I guess you could also say ps4 sales are a phenomenon.

To your second point I believe 360 launched in major Europe terrortories like xbox one and us at same time. it was ps3 that launched 6 months late in Europe. The smaller territories in Europe only contribute in the thousands monthly I believe nothing to really make a substantial difference.

NeoGamer2321298d ago

Yep, it is all about games!

kassler1298d ago

How do you know those games are great, most of them are not released yet?

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Hellsvacancy1298d ago

I don't have to accept anything, I won't support Microsoft, simple as that

TheWackyMan1298d ago

This really added a LOT to the discussion. I bestow onto you, the award for the most insightful, non biased comment on the entire site of N4G. Congratulations, you earned it.

Hellsvacancy1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I'm sorry but i'm not being TOLD I have to accept anything

And that award you gave me would kinda have to go to you, you didn't even talk about the topic at all, not even one word

BigShotSmoov0071298d ago

Like there's a difference between Microsoft and Sony.

Justjoined1231298d ago

Exactly lol, Some people are talking about Sony as if they were a non-profit charity organization.

Foehammer1298d ago

@ Justjoined, actually, if you loo at Sony's finances for last 7 years, they pretty much are a non profit organization, but not by choice.

Go_Go_Se7en_301298d ago


Funny sh!t, lmao

...i see what you did there

Spotie1298d ago

Yeah, the two companies are exactly the same. I remember when Sony rushed a faulty console out the door and then lied about how bad the problem was. Or how about when they were hacked and blamed their consumers for that? Or when they dumped their core audience to chase casual cash? Or when they charged for peer-to peer online and had everybody believing it was amazing? How about pioneering paying for timed exclusivity for DLC? Oh, how about when they told people to get a PS3 if they wanted an offline console?

Do you also remember Microsoft's execs bowing in apology for a long time onstage? Or when they heard how people didn't want DRM and addressed it early?

Yeah, the two companies sound exactly alike. And that's just in gaming.

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Horny1298d ago

Well it's alright to support them since they made the changes everybody was complaining about. They changed their whole policy to cater to gamers and therefore it is alright to show support.

ghostface91298d ago

@hellsvacancy if you read the article there all good things about the xbox i dont know why he words the title like that probably to get clicks from trolls like you

christocolus1298d ago

Ignore hellsvacancy,we are all giving him the attention he seeks.

Hellsvacancy1298d ago

You think I use N4G because I want attention? I seriously don't, I have an opinion, just like everyone here, if you don't like it tough, read it and move along

Sayai jin1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Then why comment. This article is that if you buy and Xbox One, then these are the things they think the gamer has to accept. Since you did not buy it, then it does not apply to's that simple.

Aussiebeachbabe1298d ago

@Hells Good. Less crybabies on xbox then.

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troylazlow1298d ago

10. talking to yourself - if you don't want the kinect don't buy it

9. having the ability to snap video chat without disruption to your game - Skype is a great feature

8. Paying for Gold - again if you don't want it you don't have to buy it. Nothing except MP is behind a pay-wall. But if you want MP as 90% of the games being released require, then you will pay up.

7. Halo show might be bad - yes, it might be bad.

6. Change the way you watch TV - It's been a while since I have paid the cable company for "traditional" television. Netflix and on demand shows have long since been the norm for me. but I guess you might have to get use to it if your used to TV from 1998.

5. Hard drive filling up - yah... they fill might just have to delete something or buy an additional unit

4. Privacy stuff - I agree that was dumb, good thing they reversed all those policies and they don't exists any more... I mean if you wanna talk about privacy leaks, there are other companies you can point a finger at.

3. Kinect dead - This is the same kinect point as #10. if you don't wan't it or won't use it... don't buy it.

2. Backwards compatibility - yah it's not there, on any next gen console. It sucks.

1. The Future - Sony as a company has filled for a 2.5 billion loss for this fiscal year, MS just spent 2.5 billion on Mincraft... MS has a boatload of cash in the bank.

bennissimo1298d ago


And then, there are the exclusives...

This next six weeks will be an awesome time to own the X1.

n4rc1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

While I agree with all of it.. I don't get the hate on cable..

Every single person I know still has cable.. Including myself.. Netflix has like 50m subscribers but there are way more cable subscribers in the us alone.

I'm in Canada.. Our Netflix sucks, we don't get hulu and unlimited bandwidth is a premium if available at all.

Dmagic1298d ago

yes MICROSOFT does have lots of money in the bank xbox not so much go over its history its lost them money you ever heard of the saying "if it dont make money it dont make sense" apply for that when you speak of xbox ms does not need it at all its just a loss of money.

SaffronCurse1298d ago

The Sony division in their gaming department are their most profitable business right now.

Yetter1298d ago

Just about to make a comment like this. This article is extremely inaccurate. Particular number 8 where he starts off with: 'Of course as fun as the prospect of playing online is – and as integral as it is to a lot of modern gaming experiences – it doesn’t come free. It does on the PC, and on the PS4'

uh no, online play is not free on the PS4

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Paprika1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

A true gamer will own an Xbox one and ps4. No need to argue, tomb raider Xbox, uncharted PS, sunset Xbox, infamous PS, forza Xbox, driveclub PS. Remedy Xbox, quantic dream PS etc.

The list goes on, each are great consoles. Fanboys act like its their own blood, children or something lol.

Stick to one console, that's fine too :) I personally prefer PS, have done since the release of ps1. But I happily switched to Xbox 360 for a few years before ps3 came good :) but id have made missed gears, Alan wake, halo, the witcher 2 "also PC" and many more if I was ignorant.

bennissimo1298d ago

And I'd imagine most who argue about which console is better don't have kids, since kids tend to give you perspective on what's important in life.

jambola1298d ago

Actually a true gamer will own whatever they want, because you don't define what a true gamer is.

Paprika1298d ago

Well the console war is largely between these two. Do I referred to them. Of course a true gamer plays whatever. I happily play Dreamcast, n64 or anything if I feel like! Should be the same with active gen consoles not just past!

Sayai jin1298d ago

Parpika -get out of here...stop being logical ;)

Paprika1298d ago

Lol, I'm at 3 bubbles..... logical is the only way!!!

Joking btw!

ScorpiusX1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Cool have no quarrels with anything Xbox or MS be it crazy or half baked . Beside what am going to do if am not supporting the Xbox and it's games.

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