GTA V Heists Code Found - Launch Imminent?

New code relating to heists has been found as part of the recent GTA V update. Does this mean a launch of the highly anticipated GTA Online game mode is upon us?

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AngelicIceDiamond1295d ago

Not interested anymore after a freakin year.

psuedo1294d ago

Agreed. I traded in GTAV back when I got 45 dollars for it from Target :)

RangerBob1295d ago

About time R*... if you launch on X1 and PS4 without this still I will NOT be buying on those platforms.

DarkZane1295d ago

I have a feeling it will be next-gen exclusive.

Nitrowolf21295d ago

Nah, Rockstar is to smart for that considering that they advertised it, meaning that they could get into a lot of trouble if they don't follow up.

-EvoAnubis-1295d ago

At this point I don't even care. I stood by Rockstar when GTA:O launched, even with all of its issues that plagued it. I even stood by them when they nerfed the hell out of the co-op missions, making them more expensive to complete than you earned from doing them on repeats. Now though, it's been too long. Heists were supposed to be there from launch, and we're a year deep and we're STILL speculating on when they might (if ever) come out. I'm done; moved on. Hopefully they'll have their ish together when the next full GTA comes out.