Microsoft Looks to China for an Xbox One Rescue

Wang Song, a 32-year-old video game developer in Beijing, has considered himself a hard-core gamer since elementary school. Flouting China’s 14-year ban on consoles (the games are too violent, the government said), he owns Sony’s PlayStation 4 as well as the older PS3 and Xbox 360. On Sept. 29 he lined up at a Beijing department store for the Chinese debut of the Xbox One, the first foreign console to make its way into the country legally in this century. Yes, there were lines.

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Foehammer1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Rescue insinuates something is in trouble

As the X1 has a larger install base than the highly successful 360, given the same time on the market, no rescue is required. Especially since the X1 beat the 360 with just 1/3 the Countries.

The same cannot be said for some of the competitors that have lost billions every year for the last six years and are looking at another 2.5 billion loss this year. In that case rescue is required because they are running out of assets to sell.

aceitman1298d ago

so china that sold or shipped under 100,000 units at launch is going to be xone savior , they are looking at having possibly 1 million a year , that wont save anything that needs saving, imo.

mikeslemonade1298d ago

^Foehammer you must be using statistics. By now the 360 should have already caught up with life to date sales. Also the 360 didn't have to keep dropping price and holding promotions in its first year.

spidermann1298d ago

Even I couldn't save the xbox

badz1491298d ago


why? you wanna?

donthate1298d ago

I believe the headline done by business week is done to sensationalize and even stated in the article that MS takes a long view approach there of being the leader.

Either way, 1 million the first year is around 80k consoles sold every month.

That is almost 3x the monthly sales gap in August in the US.

Ausbo1297d ago


the 360 didn't have any competition in its first year. Why would they drop the price.

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Gaming247allday1298d ago ShowReplies(8)
MeliMel1298d ago

To be fair the PS4 is not the reason Sony is post that loss. And Xbox is still in the red for MS.

n4rc1297d ago

Says rumors...

Look man... I've seen this to many times.. You have no credible evidence to back that up.. Bloggers say that, random websites say it..

But Microsoft's earnings reports say otherwise.. The division that Xbox resides in includes ms' biggest losses yet still reports profit..

MeliMel1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

@ Narc, "I have no credible evidence to back that up" your right im going off what i read on internet. Yet your assumptions that MS profits somehow have to do with Xbox division. Where is your evidence to back that up.

Edit- So your logic is that because the new division Xbox is in posted a profit, Xbox is profitting as well. Lol..ok.

WilDRangeRfc1297d ago

People are disagreeing with you because this is a very bias pro Sony site,say anything positive about Xbox here and they jump on you like a pack of Hyennas,it's gonna be funny when reality bites Sony and these vile trolls on the arse

kreate1297d ago

Which site is a bias pro Xbox site?
Just wondering.

headblackman1297d ago

i keep saying the same thing and these plastic followers and the people writing these articles and dumb titles keep slandering it to be something that it's not. it's like they'll do anything to put a certain view or idea in peoples heads that really isn't there and like idiots, most have fallen for it with no real proof. this is the worst generation of console gaming ive ever seen in my entire life as a real gamer that loves multi-console gaming. it's a sad day when you just can't like what you like and play what looks good to you. these extremists feel like they have to tell you what to like and bash you for liking anything that they don't like. is this the new nerd gang or something? every time i look at these articles are always start with subjective titling that slander. so not only is there hate coming from the new nerd gangs but also from the nerd gang article writers that are trying to get as many views as they possibly can with these lame titles that have no validity with it. but these nerd gang members/plastic lovers would love for you to believe that there is.

ShowGun9011297d ago

welcome to the internet.

try going on a site with an iphone article and see all the android fanboys jump on it... this applies to just about EVERYTHING on the internet, not just gaming systems.

Magicite1297d ago

sinking ships cannot be saved..

Foehammer1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

So you think Sony is going bankrupt then?

After 7 years of losses in the billons, every year...

CerealKiller1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Okay everyone here are the FACTS from Microsoft and Sony's most recent quarter ending June 30th:

Microsoft Computing and Gaming Hardware division (includes Xbox and Surface): $18,000,000 profit.

Sony Game & Network Services division (Playstation): $39,344,146 profit.

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qwerty6761298d ago

rescue? lol

nothing to see here just the normal clickbait.

christocolus1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

After reading the article i think the title is quite misleading. I don't think the writer intended any flamebait BS. He says he is a hardcore gamer and at the end of the article he also states his anticipation for Halo and Titanfall. Many new xbox one owners there have been voicing similar opinions, 100k units were sold in a day and at the end of the month it could be double that number..its the hardcore gamers picking up the consoles now and most of them are hoping that MS is able to work out things with their government so games like Halo, Cod and Titanfall can be allowed.not hello kitty

I actually believe FPS games will do a lot better in China than Japan( if given the chance).

MRMagoo1231298d ago

I think they shipped 100k for launch I don't think they sold that many.

christocolus1298d ago


100k in first 24hours represent sold through numbers not shipped. sells-100000-xbox-consoles-laun ch-shoots-1m-year/ 871/20141001/microsoft-sold-100 -000-xbox-one-units-in-china-on -day-one-can-this-momentum-cont inue.htm

chikane1298d ago

until sony and nintendo get over as well hopefully soon

kalimero21298d ago

PS4 first 2 days in japan: over 300k

xbox one first day in china: 100k

MRMagoo1231298d ago

Yet we don't even know if they sold 100k but even if they did it's not even a bump in overall sales , ps4 us outselling xbone by more than that a month

Funantic11298d ago

PS4 in first 2 days in home Japan: 300k
Xbox One in 1 day in home USA : 1 million x $500

BG115791298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

The Xbone didn't sold 1 million in 1 day in the US, it was world while sales. And again, sold to retailers not clients.

Here is a link to prove it.

In the same article, you can read that the PS4 attained the million number in the USA and Canada way before it was released in the other 29 countries...

Paprika1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

@funatic1 Can you remind me of PlayStation 4's figures day 1 in the USA also? :)

Fkhalf161297d ago

@paprika He's just gonna ignore it or maybe he doesn't know.

n4rc1297d ago

Lol.. So a GameSpot link is proof of something?

This Justin haywald is some industry expert? No? He's just a random guy writing for a random website, citing anything he could find online..

Ms says sold to retailers because its the only number a company knows for sure.. How many are in paying customers hands is an estimate..

DigitalRaptor1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

"Ms says sold to retailers because its the only number a company knows for sure.."

Not true.

They know for sure when they get contacted by the retails stores saying they require more shipments because they've sold through. The amount of original Xbox One consoles that were still on shelves months after launch including Day One editions supports the fact that shipped to is exactly what Microsoft is using as measurement against Sony's sold-through figures.

Foehammer1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Shipped is one of 2 number manufacturers know

1) the number of orders they receive from retailers

2) the number of products they ship to retailers to fulfil the orders.

retailer do not wait till the shelves are empty to order new product.

As any idiot can see from this link from Sony, sell through numbers have an asterisk beside them leading anyone with a brain to the bottom of the page where they are told that the figure is an "estimate"

Ergo most of the world uses real known numbers, "shipped"

If demand is down, shipped goes down, if demand goes up, retailers order more, shipped goes up by an exact acountable amount.

BG115791297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

@n4rc, well if gamespot is unrealible, here are others :

Now find me a reliable link that proves that the Xbone sold 1 million on the first day in the US.

@Foehammer,that is why Sony always wait/backup their numbers with NDP numbers..

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Masterchief_thegoat1298d ago

100k is the beginning of a era hope M$ can work it out with the government so they can release fans favorite Tmcc by Novemeber

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