Driveclub's Every Known Location At 55 Official Screenshots

Canada, Scotland, Norway, Chile, India - every known location in Driveclub shown at 55 amazing in-game screenshots.

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jhoward5851381d ago

Every location in DC looks great, but Why aren't there any city location in DC.

thereapersson1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The amount of detail that goes into each Drive Club level is simply staggering.

Also, this:

"51 facts about Drive Club that will blow your mind"

That article also helps answer some questions as to why the amount of cars on launch isn't larger. Pretty sure there's more attention to detail here than in some of the Gran Turismo games.

radler1380d ago

I respect them for having unique locations, actually. So many racing games all have the same tracks, but DriveClub features a variety of environments that you very rarely see in any video games at all, which I think is really refreshing. If they ever do add a city track, I hope it's a city that nobody has ever shown in a racing game before.

Sir_Simba1380d ago

look outside your windows you might see some building and pollution and maybe even people fighting (summary of a City for you) trust me its not exciting and there arent beautiful landscapes to admire I think thats why.

thereapersson1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I agree, I am looking forward to racing in these locations because they are NOT based in a city location or overly populated area. You can get a million racing games with city-based environments or even the real tracks that are present around the world.

It'll be nice to roll through sweeping vistas, forests, mountains and everything else that drags you away from urban decay. Hell, that's why I love the MotorStorm series so much; it provides a unique take on the otherwise staid racing genre with jungles, deserts, canyons and island environments. Evolution is great at making something imaginary seem so real, and now they are ready to take on the real world with their own artistic flair. I can't wait to just park my car on the road and take screenshots of the levels. That is how much I am looking forward to enjoying this game.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1380d ago

The vast snow mountain tracks look so beautiful. Seeing these locations really makes me gasp at the beauty that exists around the world.

Makes me wish I could travel to these locations lol. Or just in general.

tracks and locations look phenomenal though without a doubt ! I need to finish my College homework before this drops :/

thereapersson1380d ago

The snow levels to me look the most believable. I scrolled through dozens of GIFs and video clips but I kept going back to the snowy mountains for my reference point on the stunning appearance of the game.