Videogamer: Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Interview

Videogamer writes: "Gearbox president Randy Pitchford and Benny Wilson (programmer) discuss the destructible environment in upcoming Ubisoft FPS Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

Q: Can you tell us more about one of the new feature in BIA HH, the destructible environment/cover?

RP: In Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway, being able to shred the kinds of things soldiers hide behind is a big deal. Yes, it does look awesome to see bullets tear apart a wooden fence splinter by splinter, but it is about more than just looking amazing. You see, if the cover that the enemy is protected by is invulnerable (as it is in just about every game you've played before), then your only option is to wait them out or charge up on them. Brothers in Arms has always been about suppression and looking for flanks (like real combat), but now it's also about combined arms and volume of fire. It's intense and the feature takes Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway to a new level of authenticity."

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