I'm Skeptical of Human Resources, Uber Entertainment's New Kickstarter

Human Resources looks great, but I was pretty bummed when they stopped development on Super Monday Night Combat abruptly to work on Planetary Annihilation, and I'm worried the same will happen again.

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grailly1330d ago

I'll always give an RTS a chance, I love the genre and there really aren't many on the market. That said I couldn't play planetary annihilation because it didn't feel tight, maybe I was just bad at the game, but I feel like finding my troups should not be a challenge every time.

Kevlar0091330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

You have to wonder if PA is a polished, complete game or not, and twice now Uber asks for a ton of money to play in a Beta. They are a little shady with their pre-release plans and post release you gotta ask if they're really giving full value.

I would definitely wait this one out, get as much research before buying in, especially for the $40 Beta (which I would avoid because it's pretty ridiculous, Minecraft let you pay full retail ($15) and still get years of Beta exp).

donthate1330d ago

This game looks good, but I will buy it when it goes on sale on steam or something.

tamriilin1330d ago

I would never be so audacious as to assume I know everyone. If you want to back it, do so, because HR looks rad. I'm just saying I have some reserved cynicism.

Blues Cowboy1330d ago

Yep, same here. I don't consider PA to be in an acceptable state yet and it's poor form to start crowd-funding their next game.