Mythology, Sexual Violence, and Deep-Immersion Gaming: A Survivor’s Guide to Tomb Raider

Gamemoir's Ivy takes an in-depth look at the character and avatar of the new Lara Croft, and finds something surprising.

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Darkwatchman1414d ago

This author is looking way too deeply into this stuff. *sigh*
I'm so sick of these social justice warrior types.
"At this point, I have to acknowledge something: None of any of this healing opportunity can be credited to the designers. It is clear from the language they used with the media that they weren’t even considering women as players and how we might react. These men (there were no women on the team) deserve exactly NONE of your gratitude."

Shut up. Goddamn. I'd hate to see what this author would have to say about Dead or Alive or something else.

VX-Geist1413d ago

Ugh, ANOTHER one? Sheesh just let it go!

Stop with this stupid 'misogyny is everywhere' crud. Croft is a strong female character, an excellent character and the team who made it are deserving of nothing BUT our gratitude.

Want misogyny? Go play 'Rape! Rape! Rape!' (yes that actually exists) now THAT is misogynistic by name alone.