Bad Company Demo Tops 1.5 Million Download Mark

Electronic Arts announced today the Battlefield: Bad Company demo has become one of EA's most downloaded games on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store. Within two weeks, the demo has reached over 1.5 million downloads.

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Silogon3829d ago

1.5 million doesn't seem very good for a collective install base of over 35 million damn near. Am I missing something?

cp683829d ago

Danger's EA.
You know how EA has treated PS3 gamers since the very beginning...i'm just warning you.

Silogon3829d ago

Already noted. I've seen the game side by side on my tv using pixle plus and the xbox 360 version is far and away superior. It's smoother, it's shades are more defined. The texture work is crisp. The game looks complete on the xbox 360 and it looks like legos on the PS3. Jaggy, flat pane shadows.

Trust me, it is not the same experience on the ps3. Not by a long shot.

perseus3829d ago

Lies. All lies. You have done no such thing, and there is no such difference. This is why you have one bubble. The lies.

Ben10543829d ago

ea delivers on their battlefield games,
omg battlefied 2142 was amazing, huge maps

Coffin873829d ago

remember guys, EA is just the publisher - DICE are the guys who do BF.
have you seen the comparison video? NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. NOT A SINGLE PIXEL.

EA doesn't always deliver, but DICE dust. trust DICE, don't trust EA.

to topic:
1.5 million doesn't surprise me at all. every time a new battlefield demo comes out all servers are nearly crashed. was the same with the bf2 & bf2142 pc demos. i could hardly find any server! =)

can't wait for the game! :)

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highdro3829d ago

i aint suprised, i like the game but i think the explosion and rag dool effects are pretty poor. i hpoe the improve it in the final version of the game.

PimpHandHappy3829d ago

i really liked this demo and even had some fun online with it. I went back to play online a week after my first run and no one was playing.

btw cp68

you do know EA is showing all their sports games on PS3?!?! EA wasnt the only one to drop the ball in year one of the PS3 life....

I really liked this game and i might just buy it. COD is still the better looking game but for online fun BC might just top it!

yoghurt3829d ago

Strange how there was noone playing pimphandhappy, Ive clocked up over 9 hours and every single time have joined server very quickly and with plenty of players for a game, ps3 that is.

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