Banjo-Kazooie: Everything and the Kitchen Sink! Now Available

Hardcore Gamer: A big Banjo-Kazooie surprise has been released.

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Geobros1417d ago

I love that game, one of the best platforms I have ever played!

ValKilmer1417d ago

Still one of my favorite Nintendo series of all times. I still have a plush Banjo Kazooie sitting on my shelf.

Glad to see it back.

LightDiego1417d ago

How i miss the series, we a need a new Banjo game.

Kevlar0091417d ago

It's a crime MS hasn't made an OG Banjo game after all these years. Even if it wasn't a true game, at least N&B was a reality.

This music is godly. Rare always had the best music.

Summons751416d ago

Under MS Rare doesn't know how to make games anymore. N&B was an abomination of the series.

Muadiib1416d ago

Maybe so but N&B was an excellent spinoff.

Summons751416d ago

Fing love Grant Kirkhope, really wish he would give another go at the Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor again. We need it because Rare doesn't know how.

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