Windows 10 Announced, Will it Be Good for PC Gamers?

Gamespresso- Timothy Swartz discusses how Windows 10 might effect PC gaming.

"What does this mean for PC gamers? It of course means the eventually shift in 2015 from windows 8 to windows 10 being sold on new computers. Many pc gamers still rely on Windows 7 for gaming over Windows 8. Is Windows 10 going to be something PC gamers will like and switch to, there are benefits with it to switch. There was information that on server edition there will be better QoS and IOPS on storage meaning faster loading if it were introduced to all versions."

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Ezz20131299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Windows 10 ?!...look sexy and it's coming with DX12 too..awesome news

but shouldn't be there a windows 9 first ?!

Peekayboo1299d ago

compatibility checks look for windows 9 instead of windows 98. Calling it windows 10 gets around the problem

Ezz20131299d ago

oh, didn't know that
thank you
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darthv721299d ago

do you think they will call this: Windows X

gangsta_red1299d ago


I saw that!

MRMagoo1231299d ago


I saw the same joke about 15 times on the mmo champion thread about windows 10 as well.

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lelo2play1299d ago

If DX12 delivers on what is promised, then yes, it will be good for PC gamers.

MRMagoo1231299d ago

The question should be, is it actually needed tho because dx12 isnt just for windows 10, I am happy with windows 7.

solar1299d ago

MS said the same for DX9, DX10, DX11...yet dont deliver. i dont trust them for DX12 either.

DevilOgreFish1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

DX11 had a very huge impact to PC gaming. some it's best features still aren't even used in console games, because of their intensive GPU usage.

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Agent_hitman1299d ago

Absolutely! Win10 will have DX12 support

Roccetarius1299d ago

If this is what they're offering, then i think i can live without DX12 for a while longer. Win 7 isn't the best performance wise, but it's certainly the most Desktop friendly.

Remove the tiles and go back to the Win 7 file system. Make ''apps'' actually close when you want them to, instead of having to use task manager.

SuperBlur1299d ago

dx12 will work on windows 7 and upward . I'm still trying to figure out why someone should upgrade from win8 to win10 tho. you can achieve relatively the same look and feel with certain apps.

peowpeow1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Windows 10 will be tonnes more productive!

Multiple virtual desktops and snapping windows into corners will be amazing for me. Start menu is nice again. Shadow Copy is back, and DX12 is a bonus! They've made it easier to manage Metro apps aswell

Hate saying it but seems like what W8 should have been

Xristo1299d ago

Trend analysis says it will be good...

Windows 95 - ok
Windows 98 - good
Windows ME - what a joke
Windows XP - great
Windows Vista - REALLY sucked
Windows 7 - great
Windows 8 - sucked (but some games ran better)
Windows 10 - ???

I'm not being too serious but, hey, there's a trend here!

Roccetarius1299d ago

Microsoft skipped 9 because of this reason, or maybe it's because Win 9 was the 8.1 update.

SuperBlur1299d ago

I think we're due for a - what a joke.

SonyWarrior1299d ago

every idiot claims vista sucks. I had vista and 7 they were nearly the same thing. Windows 8 is way better and faster then 7 so how does it suck?

rainslacker1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Vista didn't suck, but seemed that it would eat up memory all the time for no reason. 7 was near perfect before they screwed it up with 8 and Metro. I really miss my gadgets. Dunno...I like my gadgets available all the time, not in full screen app mode. Taking them out just to push app store crap pissed me off.

8.1 is pretty good, but I'm ready for them to get back to a real official start menu.

Dasteru1299d ago

Windows Vista and 7 are nothing alike. Windows Vista was an unstable wreck. Nearly everything had major compatability issues with it. It would get a stack of new viruses nearly from just powering it on. Windows 7 is much much more stable and actually works as an OS should. Windows 8 is a half baked tablet UI that MS ported to desktops because they were too lazy to make a proper new desktop OS. I know people who have had Windows 8 since the day it launched, even some who are very good with tech, and they still have trouble figuring out how to do anything on it. It is as if MS purposely designed it to piss off and confuse people.

Redempteur1299d ago

Vista is a bad OS. It's full of potential but it's buggy and not well optimised.
Win 7 who is the complete and bug-free version of the same core ran better , has more features , and doesn't lag like crazy

It's safe to say that vista is a bug-ridden piece of sh*t, unfit for gaming. or anything else for that matter.

kainslayer1299d ago

win 8 are better and faster now because you have ssd ;-p

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Allsystemgamer1299d ago

8 sucked but 8.1 is great. The boost I get is phenomenal

ATi_Elite1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

That list is dead accurate and even though the trend is leaning towards 10 being good I'm gonna wait while before taking the plunge unless I get a free Win10 offer.

7 is just so good. Dx11 works great.

Seems MS is rushing OS out the door now with very few real changes except a new package and some fancy paint.

How about giving us Windows XP-2 or Win7 v2

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-Einhert-1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Remains to be seen, there is very little dev support even for Windows 8.1 at the minute and 8.1 still has compatibility issues with games.

Very few developers are even using DX 11.2

MRMagoo1231299d ago

windows 7 will support dx12 anyway right, I cant see why they are making a windows 10 already when like you said windows 8 is not even up to par with 7 yet.

At my PC shop most ppl request windows 7 and if they dont they usually come back in for it after trying windows 8

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