D4 Scares Up an Accolades Trailer

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die may have been released two weeks ago, but that isn't stopping Microsoft from promoting it (maybe they're making up for all the months they didn't).

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ValKilmer1385d ago

Definitely the most unique and creative game on any current-gen console.

mikeslemonade1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Lol I like to support exclusives and I bought it when I found it was released that day. But don't fall for the hype for this game. It's hardly a game actually. It's like a interactive anime TV show. I will not buy the next episode.

The users here on N4G are making it sound like it's a must-play game and it's not.

And Valkilmer^ you must have not played super time force. That's a unique game with interesting gameplay from a twitch perspective and strategy perspective. D4 ain't unique compared to Beyond, Indigo Prophecy, and Heavy Rain.

darthv721385d ago

i really like the art style of this game. It reminds me of a movie i saw some time ago called a scanner darkly.

unique is what i would describe that movie and this game fits into that category as well. its different....and different enough to be unique.

travisbitter1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )


Lol man, just posted a comment about it reminded me about 'A Scanner Darkly'... Somehow I missed your comment. This game looks really fun to play. Glad to see it reminded others too for one of my favourite movie.

lifeisgamesok1385d ago

Great idea to give this game some exposure because it's worth every penny of that $14.99 price tag

qwerty6761385d ago

so where are they going to be running this ad besides their youtube channel?

ValKilmer1385d ago

During Monday Night Football!

...if you watch it during Monday Night Football!

gangsta_red1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Wait, wait, wait...So MS IS promoting this game?

I could have sworn I read from some posters that MS won't promote this game and it bombed because of it?

Excellent game, very funny and just the variety the Xbox One needs in it's already awesome library of games.

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