Connected Digital World: Super Smash Bros 3ds Review

"At first getting to grips with the analogue stick on the 3DS is a little strange at first especially after using the Wii’s Nunchuck stick. I found at times when I’m not concentrating on the inputs I’ve mistakenly done a Up/Diagonal direction instead of Right/Left which, for a game that requires precision and accuracy, has lost me a few games. But with practice I’ve curbed this issue and I do it less but it’ll always be there waiting for me to slip up whilst using this stick. I’ve rarely had any lag whilst playing locally or online which brings a huge smile to my face. I’d have thought other than the Smash fighting mode online there’d at least be the option to play some of the other local modes such as Smash Run, All-Star or Multi-Man modes online too which is a shame."

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