Did Xbox’s Bomb in Japan Really Surprise You?

CCC Says: "I hate to say I told you so but… 私はそう言った (Translation = I SO told you so).

While there are many different economic systems in place around the world (from capitalism to socialism and so on), the principals of supply vs. demand are fairly universal. If I possess an item you want, the demand is in my favor. Therefore, establishing some kind of fair-trade agreement between the two of us should be pretty straight forward. If more than one person desires what I have, the demand only continues to go up and up (thus improving my ability to negotiate). On the flip side of that coin, if supply far outweighs demand, its value is obviously diminished."

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Foehammer1384d ago ShowReplies(2)
lifeisgamesok1384d ago

It's ok China is gaining interest. All of the big three are doing bad in Japan

BitbyDeath1384d ago

No they're not.

PS4 sold 47,894 consoles last month
Wii U sold 32,757 consoles last month
Xbox sold 5,442 consoles last month

Only one is doing bad.

darthv721384d ago

Bitby...those numbers are showing the current trend that is happening in JP. They just arent buying "consoles" like they used to. so while those seem like good numbers, they really arent.

but its okay, changing market conditions happen and thats why there are other territories that these units sell to at a much better rate.

Overall, JP is still relevant from the grand scheme of things but they have been becoming less relevant over the past several years.

Things change.

BitbyDeath1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Yes history like 10+ years ago, but in todays market only 1 of the 3 are doing bad.

travisbitter1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

"Big three"??? XBox is anything but big in Japan.

If you referred to Sony and Nintendo here, they'd have a word with you. ;)

PS.: I know I know it's, but I was eager to to show him what is "doing bad". That's the definition how the xbox brand is doing in Japan.

Remy_Chaos1384d ago

So hopeful to play the numbers game again all because of China right? Its okay I know you'll deny it, but enjoy for now!

Eonjay1384d ago

You may be surprised to know what the math reveals. The Xbox One did lower in China compared to its population than it did in China. The raw number seems higher (and it is) but when adjusted for the different population sizes the Chinese launch actually under-performed compared to Japan.

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AngelicIceDiamond1384d ago

Nope not one bit.

Mainly because MS simply doesn't have many resources or partnerships over there for any real games or content.

While Sony has years or resources that they build to get the games and content that matter to that region.

ArtificiallyYours1384d ago

You want your attention so this article happened, that's not surprising.

Macdaddy711384d ago

It didn't fail??!!!
They wasn't looking to for sell much they just put a thorn in Sony side there is all....being ps4 is selling millions there also, Yeah Right

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