PS4 Exclusive Driveclub’s Fantastic Day/Night Transition and Menus Shown in One Hour of Gameplay

If the wait for Driveclub is starting become unbearable, with just four days missing to the game’s massively anticipated release, maybe this will help.

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travisbitter1295d ago

I can't handle this anymore...
I want to drive it... NOW!

system221295d ago

Ahh man. I've been playing it all day. I wanted to tell you all about it but you called me a sad troll and then never even responded back when I called you out about being wrong....even supplied you that photo. Oh well. Guess I'll get back to it.

Angels37851295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

This just in!

Driveclub has so many articles I feel like I've played the game already! I sees I feel like I have no choice but to buy it xD

Next article headline should read

"Driveclub makes the inner child of ABRIAEL get a hard on. Watch as he mercelessly masterbates to the Gorgous, beautiful, jaw dropping, awe inspiring, *cough* sensationalist *cough* artistic gift to humanity visuals that will make you rethink your entire life!! Change your religion!!! And create world peace!!!!

Just a joke ABRIAEL mad respect xD

On topic. I really am excited for this game but these article's titles and pure number of them is absurd.

Spid3r61295d ago

LOL you have the director monitoring what they say about the game.

Spid3r61295d ago

Look the game is coming out next week...Alien is coming out the same time...Why hasn't the reviews come in??

FullmetalRoyale1295d ago

Some people cannot be trusted to behave.

Yetter1295d ago

in response to your comment below, usually when embargos don't lift until the day of release there is at least cause to be worried I don't think that really applies to Driveclub considering everyone with PS+ will get to try it out before deciding if they want to purchase the whole thing

GameDev11295d ago

Monitoring? lol look at that spin

They are interviewing him for details about the game, like every other Playstation dev who has done live streams with playstation twitch

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Travis37081295d ago

This game is looking great!

lonelyplayer1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Even at 30fps the sense of speed is incredible, now imagine this game at 60fps, probably not possible with the ps4 but still!.

BTW the director seems like a very cool person!

solar1295d ago

Supercharged PC's would play this game at 60 fps and 1080p. not at all knocking the fun factor of the game, but come on mates. open your eyes!

LightDiego1295d ago

This game is exclusive for PS4.

fadeawayjae1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

One of the guys in the destructoid podcast admitted that he is having lots of fun in the game and accidentally said it was good. The other members had to cover up for him because of the embargo and said that he mean the preview were good LOL.

Starts 10:52

Mega241295d ago

I saw that lol, you could hear all the throat clearing every moment they thought he was going to say something about the game, knowing the embargo.

TKCMuzzer1295d ago

He definitely wanted to say more, I know how he feels, the beta was addictive as anything but I was not allowed to share my thoughts....

GTgamer1295d ago

Dude you should check out neogaf everyone that got the game early constantly playing trying to beat each others time it was three in the morning and they were still going at it I can't wait to join the fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.