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As any car mechanic will tell you, an engine is only as good as its weakest component. You can have the biggest turbocharged V12 in the world, but if a tiny bolt breaks, you could be in a heap of trouble. The same concept is true for making open world racers: having the best graphics, the biggest car roster and largest road network means nothing if the car handling is mediocre. Playground Games’ original Forza Horizon was the first open-world racing game I’ve played which gets so many key elements right. But is its sequel a big enough improvement to warrant a purchase?

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Bigpappy1360d ago

This game looks to have done so much right, that it puts enormous pressure on the other three car games. Being the first to release will hurt others on the X1 for sure. DC will do well on PS4 as it is Exclusive and free to play. Project Cars will move some copies, as people were hyped to play that for some time. The crew is just in major trouble all around. But I can't help but feel FH2 will hurt review scores of all to follow this year. It simply has every single box checked (including Graphics), and all done at a very high level to boot.