Sony PS4 Wins 'Gadget Of The Year'

The Huffington Post UK - Sony has managed to fight off competition from HTC and Apple at this year's T3 Awards, Sony PS4 winning 'Gadget of the Year' and the 'Gaming Award' -- while the original Sony PlayStation became the first gadget to be admitted into the 'T3 Hall of Fame'.

The next-generation PlayStation 4 fought off both the Xbox One and the iPhone 5S to be given T3's top award.

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Abash1412d ago

Congratulations to Sony, the PS4 is an excellent console and product in general

Army_of_Darkness1412d ago

Sony's most well balanced console yet! And Well worth the $400 price tag :-)

miyamoto1412d ago

Told you guys the PlaySaviour4 is revolutionizing the video games industry as we speak.

PlaySaviour4: It Only Does All The Right Moves
-Since February 20, 2013

Congratulations to the PlayStation Nation!

NewAgeisHere1412d ago

Lol, whatever you smoking, can I have some, but you are right:)

Magicite1412d ago

best part of Sony is Playstation.

MaximusPrime_1412d ago

You mean COTY (Console of the Year) ;)

Neonridr1412d ago

I guess they don't award these things based on a calendar year? You would think it would have technically won last year, but maybe there wasn't enough time for it to be out to the public to win?

Regardless, congrats to Sony.

tlougotg1412d ago

Ps4 dominance continues!!!!

IRetrouk1412d ago

Brilliant to see sony back in the driving seat, been a fan since ps1 and as long as they keep releasing quality consoles i will continue to buy them.

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The story is too old to be commented.