No Scope gaming glasses

Many of you have most likely heard of or even used some form of gaming glasses.There is still a lot of doubt in the industry about the need for such apparel however for many it is another symbol of a dedicated gamer.

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Iltapalanyymi1296d ago

i still dont believe those glasses do anything. my friend has those, but i really did not notice any kind of difference while playing.

kassler1296d ago

No scope glasses? That's ridiculous! Oh, it's the name of the Company. Still.

xboxpete1294d ago

1st thing you might consider is how dry your eyes are after a gaming session.

The tints are not for coolness or to make them look like sunglasses.

No they have the tint to help re-lubricate your eye lids.

Try them again if your m8 will let you and see (no punn) how your eyes are after that.