Destiny players are going to war over Xur: Agent of the Nine

GameZone: "There appears to be some unrest among Destiny players. With the latest update having fixed much of what was wrong with Destiny's loot system, the Cryptarch is no longer the most hated person in the Tower. No, no, that honor how belongs to Xur: Agent of Nine, who appears to be the cause of a Destiny's first Civil War between Guardians."

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Neonridr1416d ago

lol, too funny.

Although as a fellow Warlock user myself, I agree, what's with the shaft on us Warlocks. I wanted an exotic chest piece myself...

Christopher1416d ago

I missed one weekend, but so far 3 out of at least 4 hunter exotics have been helmets.


jhhood1415d ago

At least they have been different

Gamer19821415d ago

might have been differnt but still helmets.. Need a weapon..

Christopher1415d ago

@jhhood: One was really just crap, otherwise just two helmets for focusing on each of the subclasses. If we get repeats in week 5, then I'm sensing a weakness with this game's itemization limitations.

joab7771415d ago

So did i, but b/c I didn't get it, something even better happened. I did the raid and got a chest piece. Now all I need is a raid helmet to get to 30.

I love seeing an mmo as big as Destiny b/c now the normal mmo complaints and arguments get a huge spotlight on them. Anyone who has played mmo's over the yrs knows all too well the forum arguments that never end. Casual vs. Hardcore players, how u obtain gear, etc. etc. It's an almost impossible task to make everyone happy b/c some play it 100 hrs a week and some on 10 or 15.

As far as xur is concerned, ppl hate that u can buy something they earned. Really? How did u earn it? B/c I bought mine w/ strange coins I got from Nightfall on level 28. We r all playing the same high level content, getting gear in various ways.

I do think for PvP, and I'm no good at it, skilled players should be able to obtain cosmetic items that set them apart though. Like the white shader for beating the raid. Though I've done it 2x and havnt gotten it.

Dynasty20211415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Shaft on us Warlocks?

Dude, we've had Warlock gear the past 2 times. And Sunbreakers have been there every time so far.

They're no different to bounties. Bungie has said "these items are available for X scenario", and they're randomly plucked each time.

It's just the pool is so pathetically small that it annoys people.

Look at the Queen's Wrath bounties. "Headshot 200 fallen" and "kill 3 devil walkers" has been there almost every single day.

Neonridr1415d ago

we have had the Sunbreakers like 3 times and a helmet once for Warlocks. I even used 23 motes of light on the exotic helmet engram and got a Hunter helmet.. lol

I have 23 coins right now, so I am debating getting the sunbreakers and then having money left over or spending it all on Red Death...

decisions, decisions..

ABizzel11415d ago

As a Warlock as well, Yeah the shafting is real.

I have over 30 strange coins, because there's NEVER anything for me to buy. I bought the Sunbreakers when they first came out, then I bought the Helmet of Apo?? whatever it is, and I've been able to hold on to my coins for the last couple of weeks, because there's been nothing.

I got Suros Regime after an insane mission, then was a bit mad it went on sale, but better weapons for everyone means easier time in missions.

I bought an exotic engram and thankfully I got the helmet I wanted Light Beyond Nemesis.

Unfortunately my fellow Warlocks, I understand your pain, but I cannot go to war against Xur for he has been somewhat good to me, and I needed him for a couple of my Exotic weapon bounties.

Now the Cryptarch is fair game.

Neonridr1415d ago

@ABizzel1 - I took a chance with my motes of light last night on an exotic helmet engram.. and go figure, for a Hunter. I now have an exotic chest piece and helmet for a Hunter.. Might be time to make a backup character.. lol

I am debating spending my 23 strange coins on Red Death, but I don't know how good it is. I didn't have enough coins last week for Suros otherwise I would have bought it. Although I have Doctor Nope (legendary Auto) and it is actually quite good - 72 clip magazine and a high rate of fire means I can just simply unload on guys..

ABizzel11415d ago


LOL, I'm sorry for your loss.

I got an exotic engram from a strike, and it turned out to be a Hunter's Arm, so not quite as bad as losing motes of light, but still disappointing. We shall both be Hunters on our next character XD

I found 2 Doctor Nopes, and had to get rid of one for some Ascended Energy.

As for Red Death I don't know either. 23 strange coins is a bit high (although I have it), and for some reason I just don't like buying weapons, I guess since I'm doing just fine with what I have.

Primary: Suros Regime *Exotic* / Doctor Nope (Back Up)
Secondary: Sniper??? (Legendary) / Pocket Infinity *Exotic* (Back Up)
Heavy: Machine Gun??? (Legendary) / Super Good Advice *Exotic* (Back Up)

But getting back on topic, Xur has been good to me, so my fellow Warlock Brothers and Sisters, please don't go to war. Instead Praise the Sun for a better weekend offering XD lol

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Panthers1415d ago

As a Sunslinger, the gloves are incredible so I dont mind. You can only have one exotic piece of gear equipped so Im ok not getting any others.

Neonridr1415d ago

I want the Heart of Praxis Fire or whatever it is (chest piece for Warlock).

I am contemplating getting the Sunbreakers as they look pretty cool, and I will still have 10 coins left over to save up for next week's item.

ABizzel11415d ago

There are better ones as well.

The Helmets are all good and very different.

Apotheosis Viel: Is all about survival, it keeps you health extremely high.

Light Beyond Nemesis: Is all about support and a HUGE HUGE HUGE help for Nightfall missions and Vault of Glass.

Skull of Dire Ahamkara: Is all about Grenades, and gaining great boost with Grenade kills.

It sucks you can only use 1 exotic armor (my guess is they'll patch that later, to reach level 40 you have to have all exotic armor maxed out), but it's always great to have options depending on the situation.

The Chest plates are good too, but I don't have those yet.

admiralvic1415d ago

@ Abizzel1

"The Helmets are all good and very different. "

Not that it matters, but helmets are typically the best exotic armor piece to have. There also aren't as many arms and I believe legs (in fact I only recall two exotic boots existing) as there are helmets.

"Light Beyond Nemesis: Is all about support and a HUGE HUGE HUGE help for Nightfall missions and Vault of Glass. "

While I originally thought Keeper of the Pack was a useful upgrade, it's quite honestly the worst exotic power. The issue is that every strike so far has had an "easy" way to do it. Prime had that small room to the left and another thing I never did, Phogoth could be killed from that room behind where you start to fight him / where you respawn / where the shrieker spawns or just popping between the rooms, The nexus mind was the easiest because he could be killed where you spawn and the only threat up there was a minotaur that you could just keep aggroed away from the damage dealers making it virtually impossible to fail, heck even the current strike has the boxes in the top left (you're practically immune to damage back there and have a number of cracks to pick off adds and damage the boss). Plus a lot of people have realized that you can simply go to orbit and will respawn in the nightfall / strike with some ammo ready to kill the boss.

As for the raid, I would say it's equally worthless. Most sections of the raid you're in a fairly confined and small area fighting off enemies and you have at least 30 seconds to figure out how you're reviving that person before you can even make it happen. At most, this ability might help you revive someone and survive a supplicant attack, but thats like trading "extremely high health" and "grenade skills" for a move that might, in theory, help during a single section of the raid. With this being said, the helmet is garbage on the hard raid because you can't revive people in general.

So the only real perk it adds are the orb drops, though most of these skills are not particularly useful in high-level PVE. Outside of Ward of Dawn and Sunsingers revive (forget the name), there really isn't any super that would be advisable outside of maybe golden guns during Atheon, though Times Vengeance takes care of any super problems you might be having.

"It sucks you can only use 1 exotic armor (my guess is they'll patch that later, to reach level 40 you have to have all exotic armor maxed out), but it's always great to have options depending on the situation. "

Not only does that make no sense, it ignores what exotics are suppose to be. For starters, a maxed exotic gives 30 light versus 27 for a legendary. So we're talking 9 light that is suppose to give 10 levels (lol?). Even then, raid gear also gives 30 light and thats how you get to level 30 instead of just 29. So full exotic or full raid or 1 exotic and 3 raid is going to be level 30 regardless. Bungie would need to implement new equipment to hit a new cap, which I am not completely certain they will do. This really doesn't need to be further detailed though.

Anyway, the point of exotics are that they're suppose to be a "capper" to finalize your speciality. They're suppose to offer 1 ability that can be considered huge to the point of game changing (LOL!) that allows you to excel in the area that you choose to go. They're not intended to be a group of items used to make your character extremely imbalanced.

Ozmoses1415d ago

Should of bought an Exotic chest armor from him when he was selling Gallajhorn...

That's how I got my Voidfang Vestments...

Luckily I got an armor for Warlocks... this week I bought the Exotic Helm engram and got Light Beyond Nemesis (Warlock)

Ozmoses1415d ago

hahaha disagree all you want... you're just jealous because I got the good stuff

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brbobcat1416d ago

This is would be a better story than the actual campaign

OmegaShen1416d ago

Not even close, but how would you know know? Have you played the dlc? Because if not, then you don't know the full story.

Kevlar0091416d ago

I'd hate a generation where every game is a DLC puzzle piece. "Spend $60 now so you can spend another $30 later to get the content and story that should've been there in the first place".

FullmetalRoyale1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

That's what I play stories for. For dlc.


Deividas1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Wow. And its because of people like you that they can get away with this kind of stuff. Good job.

irokster1416d ago

Im sure youre ready to give up another $30 for that DLC but I'm sure as hell not.

OmegaShen1416d ago Show
Scatpants1416d ago

I would be OK with the DLC if the main game felt like it had any story whatsoever. Your basically just walking your ghost to an assortment of computers. The main game feels like it doesnt even have a story so if the story is all in the DLC then im done with this game. I'm already pretty much completely bored of it anyway.

DonkeyWalrus1416d ago

If Destiny is an MMO, then it's the worst MMO I've ever played. I don't know if you've played other MMOs, but they generally have a shit ton of content even when first released. Future DLC expansions are absolutely no excuse to not have a complete story at launch. If they charge a full $60, then they need to release a full game.

slappy5081416d ago

If anyone thinks it's okay for a company to cut 12 missions from the disc then release it in future and call it "DLC" you need to get your head checked. As much as i enjoyed destiny's gameplay, Bungie and Activision can suck it!

TheSaint1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

@ Omegashen: Learn what a joke is.

thereapersson1415d ago

Haha, poor OmegaShen... not even one single agree at the time of this posting.

You dun goofed, bro.

DragonKnight1415d ago

All that needs to be said about Destiny is in its Honest Trailer.

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AtariFanboy1416d ago

Hunters aren't doing any better, we keep getting exotic helms with exotic helm engrams.

ABizzel11415d ago

The Exotic helms are the best armors for the Hunter though.

I'm a Warlock as well, but Xur has been good to me as I've needed him for Weapon Bounties, I got Sunbreakers + Apotheosis Veil from him, and took a chance on an Exotic Engram and it turned out to be Light of Nemesis helm (YEZZZZZZZ)

So I can't support this war, but I understand my fellow Warlock's pain. Hunters and Titans put down your arms, and let us converse among one another. #PraisetheSun

TreMillz1416d ago

Quite hilarious to be honest Lmao

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