DriveClub – Everything We Know So Far

With DriveClub set to race onto stores in just a matter of days, we’ve compiled everything we know so far regarding Evolution Studios’ debut PlayStation 4 game.

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dbjj120881410d ago

Good time to be a racing game fan.

MysticStrummer1410d ago

No doubt. It's unusual to have so many racers coming out at once, or at least I don't remember so many in such a short timespan. Something for everyone.

GribbleGrunger1410d ago

Yep, XB1 owners have Forza Horizon 2, PS4 fans have Driveclub and both will be getting The Crew and Project Cars. It's petrol-head heaven this year.

IRetrouk1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Yeah i agree, loads of options coming up for a racing fan, and the best thing is its a nix of sim and arcade, track based and open world, i love it.

Has anyone seen this article yet?

It explains about the "missing shadows" thing some of the fanboys were going on about, he nails it with proof lol.


Holy cow, when I first saw it I was confused, but it makes sense, you can tell by the tree shadow that it is hitting from behind so the only shadow would be in the front where you can't see it from that angle.

FsterThnFTL1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

What is there to know, it is a great looking driving game with fast cars and beautiful scenery. And if you have a PS4, buy the game to see exactly what the PS4 is capable of doing.

bleedsoe9mm1410d ago

i'm normally waiting for reviews scores to come in but sony is doing me a real favor with DC giving me a good chunk of the game and i make up my own mind if i want to spend my money on the rest of the game .

IRetrouk1410d ago

I think more games should do this, i think it would help sales in the long run.

DOMination-1410d ago

When is the review embargo lifted? I'm really intrigued by how this game will score.

JonnyBigBoss1410d ago

A few hours after release.

You do the math.

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