Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - New "Retreat" Map Gameplay

Colm Ahern: "Recently, Calvin popped over to an Activision held event, where he got to sample one of the new maps from Advanced Warfare.

This is Retreat, and here’s some exclusively captured gameplay on Hardpoint mode."

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BX811414d ago

The very beginning of this match pisses me off to no end. lol. I cant stand when people slow me down by running on me.

saoco1413d ago

Jajajajaja <<< spanish laugh. I hate that so much too. I like to run and gun.

Visualift1413d ago

Imagine that... everyone running forward once the match begins.

BX811413d ago

Yeah if I'm in the middle or back I'll take one step left or right then run. That one step slowing some one else down can make a huge difference when you're trying to cap B at the very beginning.

theFAYEsorceress1413d ago

i'm actually looking forward to the co-op in this game. hopefully it's better than previous co-op modes...

CaptainPunch1413d ago

Why is the countdown timer still from 15?


Imo it looks boring but I might get it from red box to see how domination is

AiirJordann231413d ago

this guy sucks in this game. lol, im lookin forward to playing this cause ghost sucks and im already tired of destiny.

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