Lords of the Fallen at EGX 2014

Barry gets hands-on with Lords of the Fallen at EGX and dishes the dirt on one of the year's most eagerly-anticipated hack-and-slash games.

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Aon1387d ago

I can't wait when this game comes out finally. From material to material this games looks better and better. I very like read artilces like this where we get a lot of great information about the game on one place.

ThePowerpuffGirl1385d ago

I met earlier with the opinion that the similarity to the DS exists, but during the game considerably blurred. I am very happy. I am glad that the game will not be as frustrating as the DS and more accessible for less experienced players. And without a doubt I want to play it.

Aon1385d ago

I tell that earlier: Lords of the Fallen will be less similar to Dark Souls than everyone think. I hope it will be truth and LotF will be better game.

ThePowerpuffGirl1380d ago

On your way will certainly be different. Anyway, like every game. At the end of most games is inspired others. Graphically it looks great. The story is also interesting. Already I can not wait to see how it all looks from the inside .;)

riverside6661378d ago

Aon, it was clear from the outset that it will be less similar than others thought, you know how it is when it comes out news about the game that style may resemble another game, suddenly everybody scream that is a clone of the game, not worth it and that CIGames only wants to earn money on the concept of the other. Always game will have some inspiration, but without falling into the extreme :) Also, you're right, I now laugh from people who thought so ..