Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is more frustrating than it is fun

While it's a great game, Shadow of Mordor is much more difficult than it needs to be.

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slate911412d ago

I tried to kill a warchief about 5 or more times, in all my failed attempts I created monsters out of him and his bodyguards lmao. They destroy me so easily now.
But that difficulty is awesome imo and I enjoy the challenge.

vishmarx1412d ago

this is precisely what i love about it,
nemesis system is exactly as next gen as it was hyped to be

XBLSkull1412d ago

I don't know about frustrating, it was for the first hour, but at this point I am way over powered and easily win every battle. Go play Ninja Gaiden 2 on Mentor/Master and then tell me this is a frustrating/challenging action game.

CloudRap1412d ago

Yeah when Im outnumbered Ill take out as many as I can in Stealth then retreat to higher ground once spotted and repeat that until its just me and the warchief.

ramiuk11412d ago

when i kill captains etc ,i get intel and then it kills them,but they come back im sure of it.

do you need to chop of there heads to eliminate them fully?

the 1st hour or 2 throws too much in your face imo,should of introduced the game slower but after a couple of hours and u know the stuff its great,hard though and sometimes there are 2-3 and maybe 4 warchiefs in 1 area which gets impossible lol.

im only upto the part after ratbag promotion,ended up roaming about like i used to on ass creed

Stallion1412d ago

It's random. Sometime's they survive, very often when you stealth/arrow kill them.

ArchangelMike1411d ago

Yeah I had this one captain that I'm sure I must have killed hom about 5-6 times, and he just kept coming back. He would even taunt me with the fact that I "didn't finish the job". He got to lvl 20 in the end. I killed him.. again, and then I havr ti make time pass so that another captain took his place.

I think you do have to chop their heads off to make sure they don't come back.

cell9891412d ago

thats why I love this game, you cant just go and challenge captains at your will, at least not at first. You keep doing that and pretty soon youll have nothing but elite high level urukai to battle, some times they even jump you three at a time lol.

I currently have a level 15 captain that has killed me 3 times :( but Im hard headed and keep going to suicide instead of taking my time, gathering more abilities before taking that bounty.

The game is not hard, just be smart about it, stop going in all hard headed running and slashing

N4GDgAPc1412d ago

Once u get all your upgrades the game becomes a lot easier. I hardly die now. Maybe I just got good at the game which I would like to think^^

Stallion1412d ago

I'm about 5 hours into it, and I found myself wishing it was more difficult! It's great fun though, this guy's just a whiner.

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gamesR4fun1412d ago

this kid should stick to playing pokemon

what a whine fest bou i have no skills boo i got killed

the games almost as easy as AC even more so when you get to the end game

also this story does not need a ps3 or 360 tag since the games not on them...

metalhead1412d ago

yeah it is. old gen comes out in november

gamesR4fun1412d ago

damn i thought it was next gen only wonder how it will feel on the old gen.

morganfell1412d ago

Agreed gamesR4fun,

This kid doesn't realize the need to be a tactician. It isn't just hack n' slash. You have to gain certain skills, and then make sure you gather appropriate intel on Captains and Warchiefs, picking those whom your skill allows you to effectively combat.

My neighbor saw me playing the game and went and purchased it. He called me pissed off a few hours later. I went over and out of the box he is going after Captains with no skills levelled and no intel. Dumb. Just dumb.

Myze1412d ago

My only real problem with the game is the lack of consistency in progression. I actually enjoyed the first few hours a LOT more than the later due to how easy the game became. Enemies barely got more difficult, at least in comparison to how powerful you, as the player, become.

Overall, the game is fun, but it's definitely not gonna take the place from RS's Batman games. Mordor and Arkham City are very similar, but AC has far more variety, the areas lend themselves to stealth play a lot more, the story is vastly superior, and there is a general progression in the action/difficulty. I felt myself get kind of bored less than halfway through the game, because there was really nothing left to do other than sandbox random fights that I had already been doing. It almost felt like I was getting a call in GTAIV to go bowling whenever some random group of slaves needed help.

Again, I'm not saying I don't like the game, but other than the Nemesis system, which is very cool, there's nothing unique about the game, and other games have done it better. That being said, I think there is a great groundwork for a sequel, but they need to improve on the storyline a LOT, which would greatly break up the repetition.

gamesR4fun1411d ago

can you imagine the game with more of middle earth open and options to play as a custom character...
it really could be epic imho

Genova841412d ago

I agree. The lack of difficulty settings is disappointing. The game is too easy. As far as having to kill 20 other uruks when fighting a warchief goes, you don't have to kill them all ... I just use them to get my hit counter up. Uruks 1v1 are all a joke. You need the others to add some challenge. The only time I die is when I encounter 3 unique uruks at once ... that's a bitch!

Fishermenofwar1412d ago

I agree with you 100%

Even if you have to kill 20 other Uruks...Who cares...Would the Warchief be prancing around middle earth solo?

HiddenMission1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Okay your full of it bro. Some if those warchiefs are set up in a mixture of enemies that can be almost impossible to beat. When you have 20 regulars with 4 shield enemies 3 or 4 berserkers and 2 to 3 archers/javelin throwers then all you can do is run.

only real option would be to read their weaknesses while looking/being patient for a moment where they're at their weakest. Usually killing body guards makes it easier but that's not a guarantee for success.

So stop trying to talk about the difficulty like it's a cake walk for you because we can all see right through you...

Genova841412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Whenever I play a new game, I always play it on Hard, if available. I find most games these days to be easy. I remember when buying a game was not a guarantee that you'd beat it. Not the case anymore.

DEEBO1412d ago

You are right plus don't Forget about when you put a hit on a captain,he gains more ability and bodyguards with less weakness.

I love just hunting down orcs😈😈😈 ;

EvilWay1412d ago

I actually enjoy dying in games, don't see many games that are actually difficult

oof461412d ago

Meh. While the reviewer is in the minority, it's his opinion.

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