'Active Life' Pad Is A Revamped NES Power Pad

MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John writes:

"Not too long ago, I got a chance to get my feet on Namco Bandai's "Active Life: Outdoor Challenge" pad, on which I jumped to avoid rolling logs and stomped to whack hapless moles.

But all the while, I couldn't help but wonder: How is this different from the original Power Pad?

The first Power Pad was developed by Bandai in 1986, and at first glance, the "Active Life" pad didn't seem much different from the now 22 year-old technology of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Though I'm not sure why or how, I expected the new Power Pad to be well, new (at least the Wii Balance Board tells me how bad my posture is).

I wanted to know how the "Active Life" pad for the Wii was made, if there were any differences from the old Power Pad, and what they plan to do with it next. So I asked "Active Life: Outdoor Challenge" producer Yusuke Sasaki a few questions, and he answered them via e-mail, translated from Japanese."

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