Sony, Please Fix PSN

It’s time to put this issue center stage. I have never seen a service go through so many maintenance and stability updates only to fail at the very thing it’s trying to improve.

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DarkOcelet1266d ago

I dont know how people expect everything to happen in less than a year , come on , do you really think they are not working hard in doing that . How about you have some patience and sip some tea while they work on it .

DLConspiracy1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I think the main problem is that because PS4 is dominating the console market its network (edit: expected to be as savvy and) is still not able to catch up to the same sales stats. This causes frustration. Rightfully so since its a paid service now.

Eonjay1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I game nightly and I don't run into the barrage of constant issues this article alleges. There are problems, but from my own experience, it isn't as bad as people are making it out to be either. It goes down less frequently than N4G.

Edit: I would only like to see them have a less impactful maintenance routine.

xHeavYx1266d ago

I must be very lucky. I haven't had any issues with PSN since I got a PS3 (other than the maintenance stuff)

DLConspiracy1266d ago


Fortunately it doesn't effect you as much. It can be frustrating for many others though.

MysticStrummer1266d ago

I don't know what the difference is, but normally when I see an article on here about PSN being down it isn't down for me and that's been true in two different cities. I had a crappy connection in one of those cities so that's not the difference maker. I just don't see the problems with PSN that others evidently do.

Is it like a bug, where one person can see it while another doesn't? I had almost no problems with Skyrim on PS3, while Dead Island was almost unplayable for me both online and off. Others had the opposite experience with both games.


I expect Sony to put PS+ money toward generally improving things, but since I don't have many problems with PSN I can't get too worked up about the state of the network.

DLConspiracy1266d ago


In all fairness. People need to understand that you can't just have millions of servers instantly. It takes time and it takes a lot of years of subscription money to make that happen. It will happen. Just give it time. Last gen is significantly different than this gen. Perhaps, there is money that is paid to each of the games they give away on ALL the PS platforms. That may cost more than we know.

donthate1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Sony just does not have the resources, infrastructure or even the expertise to match Xbox Live.

Sony's strength lies in hardware, and not software. It shows!

nX1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I'm like 99% of the time connected to PSN in the grand scheme... yes they should improve their network but it survived Destiny without problems which was probably the biggest possible "normal" stress-test. The DDoS attacks crippled it for the most part.

jebabcock1266d ago

Sony must really love mississippi, because I seem to miss all these widespread outages. Must be because this state is such a massive technical powerhouse... Not saying they don't happen, cause i'm certain they do, but I believe these articles as much as i believe the same ones that report how xblive is having widespread outages... every couple weeks both networks seem to be out of commission completely... I really wish these Chicken Little articles would stop...

BitbyDeath1266d ago

Some added media functionality would be a great improvement.

Gaming247allday1266d ago

Well when PSN was free, the issues with PSN where excusable, but now that we have to pay to play Online like Xbox LIVE i expect the quality of the Network to improve greatly and immediately, they expect me to pay immediately so why do i have to wait for the service to improve? makes sense right

C,mon Sony, its 2014, get your Online Act together please

AliTheSnake11266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I was on PS4 right now. Messages take forever to be received and sent. Friends list sometimes takes a while to load, or some friends tabs are empty. Accepting friends requests is the opposite of smooth.

rainslacker1266d ago

Since the PS4's release I play it(or the PS3 or Vita) daily for an hour or two minimum. For all the articles I've seen about how it keeps going down, I've only experienced not being able to connect three times, and once was that LS DDoS attack, other than scheduled maintenance.

This leads me to believe that some of the issues that are being stated may be overblown, or not as widespread as some make it out to be.

I don't get into online games, so can't speak to when new big online games release, but that may not be entirely on Sony.

hay1265d ago

Game Fanatics, Please use the f*cking support form instead of attention whoring.

SilentNegotiator1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

The amount of time PSN has been down this year is being extremely exaggerated here (and of course all of the Xtrolls that don't even have a Ps4 are pretending like PSN has been down "all day everywhere" several times). PSN could use some improvement, but it isn't in need of any serious "fixing"

Dontworrybhappy1265d ago

Yea when I had a PS4 I had lag alot in TLOU and Blacklight. Very frustrating DX

DLConspiracy1265d ago


No offense to you but downplaying any problems a paid service is supposed to have covered while blaming anyone and everyone who disagrees as an "xtrolls" seems a bit too easy. There are those that genuinely have issues with the service and expect more for their money. There are also those with both paid services who actually own both consoles who notice too. Its not always a console war preference. Could it be that maybe they have a preference because they know the difference? I know that's not what you want to hear but a least allow that into your theory.

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Tetsujin1266d ago

My only actual complaint with PSN on the 4 is waiting minutes for messages to appear and/or requests taking forever to show up. I know the system and my internet are working since we did tests at other locations with various games just in case. I already knew there would be issues with it being the first attempt at a paid service on a new generation, and didn't anticipate such a successful launch so quickly.

If it was deep into the gen, then I'd be concerned, at the beginning into the first year, I'm not as concerned. PS3 took about a year before its online started becoming more stable, with the PS4 I feel it's the same way.

matrixman921266d ago

this happens to me too. I can send a friend a message, wait 5 minutes for a reply to pop up, then the message says it was sent from my friend 4 minutes ago. Not sure whats up with that delay

Palitera1266d ago

And there I was thinking it was happening only to me. Not the friends thing, it is a giant issue since last week, but the message delay.

It is annoying as hell.

If it was one Xbox One, we can't even imagine the s***storm that would be happening over these issues.


It comes in a bad moment, since Bungie had the "awesome" idea of not putting matchmaking for any of the high level endgame options of the game, forcing people to add (guess what?) strangers and making their fireteam this way.

The work around for the issued friends funcionality, for those who don't know, is to make a party on the PS4 main menu and add the strangers to it, then they can click on your nick and ask to join your game. With this, they join your fireteam, but you have first to set the fireteam privacy to public.

XtraTrstrL1266d ago

It wouldn't be that bad if it didn't feel like everything was being subbed or paywalled out the ass. I mean, who really believes its just taking this long to add DLNA/MP3 support? It's clearly being held back so they can make more Music/Video Unlimited subs out of frustration. Yoshi has known people were all worked up about no DLNA/MP3 support from when it got out before launch that we wouldn't have it. He didn't even promise to add it then, he said something vague like, "We'll look into it."

That's how you know they were screwing us, he couldn't even promise to add something simple we've had on PS3 forever because they planned on making us pay through them to get streaming on PS4. Now there's another vague estimation of when it'll arrive, being early next year. There's too many paywalls going on this gen, along with Season Passes, Day-1 $DLC, and overpriced microtransactions in general.

Jumper091266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

This is why i switched to the XboxOne.

I know Games will look better on PS4 yada yada yada

But the Xbone has features now that the PS4 is still missing.
Im using the newly added DLNA function and Media Player mostly every day now.

And dont get me started on Sony's transparancy regarding Firmware Updates...
What happened to 2.0? Still MIA.

GamingSinceThe80s1266d ago

It was more easy to put up with a sip tea as you say when it was still free.Now they are charging us to play online so that is what makes all this unexceptable.Sony said they were going to put all the money for charging us back into PSN something I'm pretty sure they lied about.Seeing all the money they are raking in from it.And it still sucks.

AngelicIceDiamond1266d ago

@Dark Answer this guys question.

"It’s time to put this issue center stage. I have never seen a service go through so many maintenance and stability updates only to fail at the very thing it’s trying to improve."

Updates that come through that make the service more stable which should involve more security protocols and improved infrastructure to the system.

But a DDOS attack is enough to bring it down or heavy traffic purchases. Which asks the question what it Sony really doing behind the scenes?

"It’s time to put this issue center stage"

If your a true fan of something, ask the question rather than make excuses. Sony, MS or Nintendo will never know (or think its ok) if you don't criticize them about anything.

Sony doesn't address PSN problems because we don't speak up just make excuses and say no its fine. Be a real fan and criticize when necessary.

Palitera1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )


So much noise is made about little stupid stuff, like Peter Dinklebot's voice, Bioshock's cleavage or Lara Croft's hair, yet when something that really impacts experience appear, it is overlooked.

Sheep mentality strikes again? Fanboyism?

I am playing 99% of the time on my PS4, I have seen issues like both my DS4 going kaputz, infinite autoejecting, the console almost never turns down without the infamous beeps, Tomb Raider disappeared from the HDD, messages delay, friend requests delay, not being able to find friends on the search, not being able to watch streams by uStream and much more.

Are these issues given attention on the internet?


Then again, why?

Because it is more important that X1 runs with 1 frame rate per second less or has a different lighting system?

Anyway... We bring it on us. It took more than a week without the friends funcionality working even decently to appear the first article about it. It will keep coming.

Remember the definition of insanity.

Spotie1266d ago

Sorry, but a ddos can bring down anything, regardless of security.

Why not ask JP Morgan Chase why they didn't have better security?

Oh, wait. They had damn good security, and STILL got hacked.

It's about time you people get off that BS. If XBL seems to not be attacked as often, that's because it's not attacked as often. As a whole, that is; individual accounts are still assaulted daily, but somehow that doesn't count.

There's a difference between criticizing when needed, and blowing regular occurrences out of proportion.

AngelicIceDiamond1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

@Spotie Ok then. What do you tell the writer the guy who's having these issues then? Just because it isn't happening to you doesn't mean its none existent.

Think of others in this situation. But Ok your right though I brought up some accurance for the sake of making my argument.

You mentioned XBL but I rather stay on topic this isn't about Xbox this is about PSN.

The writer isnt happy with all these problems, problems that should be addressed damn nearly immediately. What are you gonna say "he needs to get over it." "Its fine for me it works just fine." "Or Sony's on it just give them time"

It isn't just his problems its most of the problems that people are having.

PS4 is payed online now so you would expect improvements to come quicker then usual. But with all the funds it looks like Sony is using it to strictly give out free games to people rather than focus on PSN's problems.

But your probably not gonna admit it or see anything wrong with it. Only vocal minority of PS fans will admit PSN has problems that needs solving but they just get shut down by actual PS fanboys and its sad man it really is sad.

rainslacker1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

The DDoS attacked the backbone servers which fed the Sony servers. They never actually got to Sony's servers. This was confirmed by the guy whose's plane had the bomb threat against it. That's what he meant when he said the attacks were upstream(The most common way to perform a DDoS attack). There was more than just gaming servers being affected by the attack, it just wasn't as noticeable since it was just random websites.

As far as purchases, I would have to agree though. They do seem to have some bandwidth issues under heavy load from time to time, but I've never noticed any actual ping lag.

Sony generally is pretty open nowadays about problems with it's network. Not always, as they don't want to give out too much info as it means attackers will exploit it, but they update their server statuses and give possible fix times a lot quicker than they used to...even if the issue isn't widespread.

I think Sony is in the process of building a much bigger infrastructure. It would make sense given their ambitions with PSNow. But those things take time. Heck, I remember when MS Live was kind of crap too, and at times it still is, although XBL seems to be pretty solid most of the time.

As far as addressing the writer, if he's going to make comments like this, then he should research if the problems HE is having are so widespread that they require an article to downplay an entire network that it seems a great number of people have no problem with.

My guess would be that his problems may not be all Sony's fault, and quite often, some of his problems may be fixable by doing some research on Sony's forums where they deal with a lot of problems and have a guy who will individually help you or point you to the right thread to fix many issues.

So my point is, Sony's supposed network issues just aren't as widespread as all these articles are making it out to be. I'd wager that 9 out of 10 of the articles we see about it on here are due to local connection issues.

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Assassingamer1361266d ago

Umm xbone players don't have an issue or Wii U owners.

ChuckTheIceMan1265d ago

PSN has been broken for several years now. They either can't fix it, or don't give a rats ass enough to fix it. That's the simple fact of the matter.

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DLConspiracy1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

This will surely go over well. I have had similar experiences in the past. Its better in a lot of ways but still far behind in a lot of other ways. It will get there. I notice my videos load exponentially slower than other services. Then hiccup the entire time I watch them too. On a 100mbps connection.

Edit: I know I know. How dare I be dissatisfied.

Eonjay1266d ago

As you have stated, it has gotten better and one imagines they are constantly looking to improve it. Given the job listings that popped up a few weeks ago, I think it is best to remain optimistic but continue to put moderate pressure on them in the mean time. My experience has been mostly positive.

DLConspiracy1266d ago

I always try to remain positive that it will get better. I personally don't have as high expectations as a lot of others though. At least not starting out. It's still newer than last gens network. I can still see a lot of frustration of NEW adopters to the service as they may be used to another type of expectation or variety of online providers. It's always a touchy subject regardless because we all pay for internet first and then pay for these subscriptions on top of that same service.

Paprika1266d ago

I so badly wanted to make an account on N4G named Sony. And just reply "OK, why not"..... its one of those days I guess!

TGF_Zero1266d ago

that would be hilarious. but on a serious note, it's really irritating that a nextgen system is doing half the job the ps3 is doing.

Eonjay1266d ago

If you are referring to the media options, such as playing my own video content and music, I have to agree that improvements are definitely in order.

GamingSinceThe80s1266d ago

I know right!How about the DRM on the PS Plus games,paying to play online,and no mp3 support.At the opening of PS E3 2013 they played radioactive
'Welcome to the new age" New age indeed!lol

Travis37081266d ago

It's nothing wrong with PSN I honestly don't see the problems you guys are having. I had ran into some things before but it wasn't nothing major.

ps4fanboy1266d ago

Psn is bad enough to make valid an opinion piece about it?

I don't think so.