Rantasaurus 14: GamerGate Edition

The Koalition's Tony Polanco writes:

"Our good friend and mentor Torrence Davis (The Bit Bag, STFUandPLAY) has released a new Rantasaurus video. Though Torrence is no longer working in the games industry, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t keeping an eye on what’s happening in it. With the most recent news that Intel was pulling advertising from gaming site GamaSutra, Torrence felt compelled to make a video where he gave his thoughts on GamerGate and all of the madness surrounding it."

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MrKennedy1412d ago Show
SwiffEpics1412d ago

This guy is awesome, he makes me want to make rant videos again

Romudeth1412d ago

Torrence being all late to the party. We've been talking about this shit for two months now dude! lol

HisRoyalFlyness1412d ago

We all knew he'd return evetually

JsonHenry1411d ago

I didn't realize how troubling gamersgate was until I read about a DARPA funded think-tank telling/bribing/coercing publishers into ignoring consumer demands and push a social and moral agenda. Its a LOT more than just journalists being paid off to give certain games good reviews and other games bad reviews.

I can't believe I've been ignoring such an important story for so long now.

Godmars2901411d ago

But right now the journalist aspect needs to be examined and fixed. Fix that and you bring to light DARPA's actions. Slow them down at the very least.

As for this guy, as a black gamer, I have to say he's playing the race card. Literally beating you over the head with "IRA" well after your skull is nothing but pulp. Yes there are foul mouth racist ten year old who just got into college on the internet who happen to be gamers. Sarkeesian used that very fact to turn a $6k request into a $160k technical windfall she's been lazily paying off while milking it for more money. And this guy conveniently skips over that.

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