Here’s everything you’ll find in DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition

A complete run down of everything included in the free PS Plus edition of DriveCLub.

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C-H-E-F1295d ago

Yeah, I like this model because if you LOVE it then you'll buy it, if not then just enjoy it for free. I was going to get it physical but after the last few weeks, i'm getting it digital so I won't ever be tempted to sell it. Great AAA 1st party games deserve the digital treatment. To always be preserved as long as the PS Legacy Lives On.

thorstein1295d ago

Absolutely, well said.

If you have PS+ this game is $49.99 essentially. Just download the PS+ version, then upgrade for that much. Unless you have to have the disc.

CuddlyREDRUM1295d ago

I don't care for them advertising it as "minus a few cars and tracks" for over a year, and then it coming with only ten cars and one location.

stavrami-mk21295d ago

You sir are a moron and I know this as I am this site's moron and I can spot our types easily. P.s theres not enough room for both of us. So I bid you aduie

thorstein1295d ago


Awesome, funny man, awesome!

TheFutureIsBlue1295d ago

I have a feeling I'm gonna want to put $ on this after getting my hands on the ps+ edition. It looks too fun to miss out on everything!

sprinterboy1295d ago

Do we get to play driveclub plus edition on Wednesday then full version on Friday? I have already pre ordered full version

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