Age of Wonders III: Golden Realms Review | Quarter to Three

"Golden Realms is a best-case scenario for how to do DLC. It’s got the kind of stuff that you wouldn’t want to do without if you’re playing Age of Wonders III. Even if you’re not playing a halfling race, they’re worth having in the rogue’s gallery of your AI opponents and allies. Wild magic is more than just new colors of fireball spells. If you’re not into empire quests — who doesn’t like more quests and rewards? — you can switch them off, but they offer milestones as the game progresses. These are all nice additions. But as far as I’m concerned, playing Age of Wonders III without Seals of Power is like watching a movie without the ending. Golden Realms, which provides Age of Wonders III with its ending, fulfills admirably the promise of a promising game."

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