There Are WAY Too Many Assassin’s Creed Games

Entertainment Fuse: I actually laughed when I heard there was a new Assassin’s Creed game coming out. Not because the game sounded bad or seemed funny. No, I laughed because I have hit a point where this has become completely bonkers and hilarious.

Recently released was Assassin’s Creed Identity, a mobile 3D action game which uses touchscreen controls. The game is available now in New Zealand, where it was soft launched. Do you know when the last mobile Assassin’s Creed game was released? August. As in less than two months ago.

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blakstarz1383d ago

To me, there are WAY too many Mario games....but I get what your saying.

Ezz20131383d ago

as long as Nintendo fans still want more mario games and enjoy them
they should get what they want

XBLSkull1383d ago

Way too many CoD games as well. 3 studios working on one franchise? Give it a break already...

jjb19811381d ago

I want a Mario 64 hd release

loganbdh1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Tell me which Mario games are actually horrible to play and I'll tell u how many good assassin's creed there actually are.

26 years in the biz will do that with Mario games.
7 years in the biz Assassin's creed shouldn't have caught up with Marios titles

starchild1383d ago

And both statements will be pure opinion.

Why can't people understand that all of these franchises have their fans? They wouldn't keep selling and getting sequels if that wasn't the case. It's ok for us to not all like the same things.

blakstarz1383d ago

No one said horrible, just too many of them, what's next Mario Eat a Taco: The Game? I just think Nintendo relies on this franchise way too much.
I'd like to see a new Metriod game.

Abromb1383d ago

Sure, but when that's your main mascot from the 80's... yea that's going to happen. While Nintendo may use Mario in a lot of titles, they usually don't release more than one type of game (3d, side scrolling, kart, smash, etc.) more than once on each console. When they do, ie:Galaxy 2, it's of better quality than the first. The same cannot be said for a lot of games... Look at Gears... downhill after 2. Look at AC3 which was not that good in my opinion. Black flag was good, but stopped playing halfway through because it felt like the same game I've been playing since 2008... Yea they added boats, but that became a boring grind to upgrade your ship. So are there a lot of Mario games... Yes. Do they abuse him? Maybe, but what's a Nintendo console without those staples that usually pop up once a generation?

PeteyMcPickle1383d ago

17 mario games in just shy of 30 years. 8 Assassins Creed games in just shy of 7 years. There are too many assassins creed games.

jetlian1383d ago

mario as a brand has about 50 games. this is talking about brands. only 7 real AC games 9 with the two new ones.

I do agree there is alot of them though.

PeteyMcPickle1383d ago

As far as branding goes, yes there are a lot, but branding doesn't make a game. Mario Kart, Mario Party and Mario Strikers etc are all COMPLETELY different games, which is why they weren't included in my count. Assassins Creed games all have the same formula gameplay-wise except for minor changes.

Magicite1383d ago

Yep, I totally agree. Never cared about Mario, meanwhile AC is awesome franchise.

KaladinStormblessed1383d ago

I agree, there are too many. But it's not as bad because each game is usually a spinoff and not a direct sequel unlike assassins creed. Still too many though.

Chrischi19881382d ago

Was that really called for? How come, somebody writes something about AC, you instantly attack Nintendo? How is that related?

And then again, how many ACs did we get, handheld and home console ones, in the past 7 years, how many Mario games in the past 7 years? This is what these guys are refering to with too much. A annually renewed game is too much, other than sport games, that is somehow an exception, even though they didnt change more than from one AC to the other.

blakstarz1382d ago

No need to be so sensitive, no one is attacking Nintendo, its just a statement that games like Mario are re-hashed so many times, I played Mario before it became Mario Bros. in his first appearance on Donkey Kong....if it makes them money then fine, but to me its time to focus your energy on something else.

iplay1up21381d ago

Mario titles mostly have different gameplay. NSMB,3dworld, Galaxy, Kart,64/Sunshine, Paper Mario, all different, but are Mario games. All are great games.

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Darkwatchman1383d ago

There are, but that's not going to change until it stops selling.

BluFish1383d ago

And oversaturation is the perfect way to make that happen.

Darkwatchman1383d ago

I pray that time comes soon. Eventually, people got tired of world war 2 shooters, so I'm hoping people will get tired of annual franchises soon.

Chrischi19881382d ago

Oh, I wish we had great World War shooters again. Dont like the new Mech, cybernetics shooters that are coming right now...

kingmushroom1383d ago

I want Moar assassins creed games moar!!!!

starchild1383d ago

Within reason. I personally enjoy a new Assassin's Creed each year, as long as they are good. This year with Unity and Rogue kind of pushes it a little too far for me, but oh well I don't have to play Rogue. I'll play it later down the road if it comes to PC. I'm really looking forward to AC Unity though.

kingmushroom1382d ago

its like a tradition for me, i pick up assassins creed games on Black Friday. I get them for $40 so i don't mind having them each year. But like you said, as long as it keeps things interesting.

Ghost_Nappa1383d ago

Who cares how many mobile gams there are?

Godmars2901383d ago

Isn't Ubisoft's plan literally to run the franchise into the ground with yearly releases that don't take issues with prior titles into account because they have to be made so far in advance?

I mean, the whole issue with no female characters in whatever is coming out now, aside from SJW BS, is that the game is pretty much finished so they don't want to go back and make changes. either that or the skins are part of DLC.

matrixman921383d ago

and the fact that they are making ANOTHER game featuring a female assassin, which I am sure that most people with the issue will just ignore, like they did with liberation. Also, I dont see the problem in it not being a main entry. Liberation was better than 3 and 1

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