NBA 2K15 HD Gameplay Video - Pelicans vs. Clippers

A 10-minute gameplay video for NBA 2K15 has surfaced online featuring the New Orleans Pelicans and the Los Angeles Clippers. This gives us a detailed look at the games technical specifications, including graphics, animations, effect, physics, and core gameplay improvements.

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masterfox1142d ago

is it me or do they downgraded a bit the visuals and animations from last years game ? :/

Gears_President1141d ago

Yeah I don't know but this video makes it look like that.

mikeslemonade1141d ago

Same old animations for the past 3 years and that's why Madden has been the better sim for the past 3 years.

NBA2KUpdates1141d ago

They got rid of the unneccesary glossyness and contrast.

thunderbird861141d ago

What I've heard from people who have the game early is that the streams and videos of this game isn't doing the graphics justice. Much better when it's on your TV.

Kidthunder1141d ago

Why do they feel the need to show the players face running up the court after every made basket? Even if you can turn it off, who is that for? I like the game but the cut scenes are too much. Breaks the action and ruins the pace.

thunderbird861141d ago

What was with that shot Paul took in OT at 7:19?