Smash Bros. Does Hype Right

Hardcore Gamer: While other 2014 games suffered severely from hype, Nintendo is making this year's Smash Bros. installments into games that can actually live up to it.

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ikarodemon1415d ago

The best Nintendo Game ever! Playing now!

3-4-51414d ago

This game is awesome and really makes me want the Wii U version even more now.

Great idea releasing the 3DS's like an appetizer for the Main course....which will include much more content + HD graphics.

Kevlar0091415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

The beauty of Smash Bros is it never tries to claim to be "that" game, the content speaks for itself. The first game set out to be different from the conventional fighter and the series sticks by that philosophy without hyping that aspect of it. It's about getting with friends and playing with beloved characters from the video game universe.

The people who overhype Smash and get letdown are those expecting a specific character (which 15% of them are random) or a set of mechanics (just ask diehard melee fans). For the gaming/casual audience at large they take what's at face value and have fun with it.

By not trying set the competitive fighter genre on fire it can afford to have a misstep here or there, people can gain as much from the series as they put into it. Not once do Smash ads throw review scores or quotes from publications. They go "Here's Smash, here are the characters, have a ton of fun".

belac091415d ago

i like it except i cant play online, and yes i have the patch, i called nintendo and they couldnt help, ans i guess thousands of people are experiencing this. i might return it if they dont fix it.

Dannycr1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Right, I can't. When I go to online, it stays "loading" and then the game crashes to the 3DS main Menu.

I portforwarded all required ports and now it is not connecting to the servers.

Really disappointing.

belac091414d ago

i got online this morning for the first time since moidnight launch day, i got 4 rounds in, won them all :), and then i got kicked, and i havent been able to get online again.

Lighter91414d ago

I played online. It was very laggy, but I still won the match.

CaptainN1414d ago

Online probably had too many players loging in at once....give it a few days people, stop going bananas on the first day!!

Other then that is a pretty good portable game....just dont expect it to be on par with home console versions. Like it for what it is, not what it isnt. Its an entree, not the main course!!