Nintendo is Prepared to deal with Quitters in Super Smash Bros

"There is nothing worse in online games than someone who rage quits. It sucks when playing sports games especially since games are generally one-on-one; it is less of an issue with first person shooter titles as the game will just get repopulated with another player. Super Smash Bros, both for the 3DS and Wii U, falls into the former. If one of four players quits, the game is altered for the worst."

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1265d ago

Another thing they could do is leave the players avatar or a representation in game as a stagnant NPC, that the remaining players can beat-up.

Once the player who RAGE-quits logs-in then will get the bad-stats that happened to the representation.

They could even keep it in a separate category along with the number of disconnects.
but this way people who play with a Rage Quitter get rewarded.

spektical1265d ago

why not just have cpu take over on a calculated field of the players gameplay. I.e set cpu to level 8 if he was playing at that level via some formula.

Sly-Lupin1264d ago

The only "fair" way to handle disconnects is to let the game affect the connected players overall stats, but not the disconnected player's stats.

No multiplayer game should ever penalize players for disconnects.

wonderfulmonkeyman1264d ago

Isn't there a system in Smash that can tell the difference between rage quits and frequent disconnects?
I imagine it wouldn't be hard to tell the difference with the right program, since rage quitters usually only quit when they're towards the middle or end of a match, whereas someone who is frequently disconnecting due to their poor connection is a lot more random...

Geekman1264d ago

Can't remember the last time I rage quit. I'm sure I did during Dark Souls 2 (Excuse me, DEMONS Souls 2. *Rolls eyes*) but those memories are so tragic that I blocked them from my mind.