The 5 Things You Need to Know About Mad World

The 10-Cent Tour: The Wii gets yet another over-the-top, pointlessly gory title. Is it worth getting your -- um -- blood up for? Scott Jones gets his hands dirty.

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Deadpool1013804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

I have had my wii collecting dust for months, looks like there may finally be a reason to plug it back it. Yeah ok so far all we have seen is pretty shallow gameplay that revolves around killing people in numerous ways but the graphics looks really cool and it looks like it could be a laugh. Hooray for nintendo, they finally realised that Resident Evil 4 shouldnt be the only mature rated game on their system!!

3804d ago
mepsipax3804d ago

This is a nice article with no real new info but sums up pretty much everything you need to know about Madworld, oh and to the guy above, Haven't you played No More Heroes? that game was certainly mature and was one of the most refreshing experiences I've had on any console in recent memory, (so like 4 months) I really dig the Evil Dead approach with the chainsaw and all, and the almost mortal kombat like moves, now all we need is Bruce Cambell to have a bit part and this will be the best super fun awesome action game ever!

Legend3804d ago

I like that game very much. Any Wii owner with an open mind should give it a shake.

BrotherNick3804d ago

Any gamer with an open mind should try all games imo. One may surprise you.

Max Power3804d ago

that the evil dead approach is nice, it just sucks that this article compared it to gears before actually mentioning a game where your arm was attached to a chainsaw. Another sweet evil dead approach would be to put a lot of 'crappy' but wonderful one liners.

Silogon3804d ago

This is a mindless hack n' slash fest decked out with sim city style art work. Nothing major to see. Little boys will love it cause it has gore and will swear it's trendy and cutting edge, but it's made by sega and it looks like it plays exactly like Gungrave. Another Sega game.

I see no interaction with the game world at all and the whites would kill my eyes something terrible. I've already got eye problems as it is. This is one of the reasons I can't play Echo chrome cause I have intense sensitivity to light with an enlarged optic nerve in my right eye to boot.

M_Prime3804d ago

you mean SIN CITY right? cause i never seen any SIM CITY look like that..

sucks for your eyes buddy..

Rikitatsu3804d ago

You are an Ignorant, itsn't made by sega, its made by the guys who Did the Resident Evil Series, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, The first DMC, and much more ... you should educate yourself before bashing a game

BrotherNick3804d ago

Ignorant is not a noun, therefore you don't need to say "an Ignorant" :)

kingme713804d ago

I applaud them for stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something unique. NMH was alot of fun and over the top bloody too. This looks just as intriguing. Besides, I'm tired of being a 3rd rate man.