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Unlike its titular organism, Alien: Isolation is decidedly imperfect. The story falls flat, your objectives lack a sense of accomplishment, and the campaign drags on longer than it should. When the gameplay is at its best, however, Isolation delivers the thrill of being in the Alien universe, something fans like me have waited a long time to properly experience.

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Emrage1384d ago

Low scores

IGN - 5.9
Polygon: 6.5
Gamespot: 6

High Scores
EuroGamer: 8
Kotaku - Should you play this game - Yes
Metacritic: 80
GamesRadar: 4 out of 5 - Structural Perfection
Trustedreviews; 9 out of 10
Escape Magazine: 4 out of 5
Joystick: 4 out of 5
Destructoid: 8.5
PC Gamer: 93

Just sad and there are more reviews

Septic1384d ago

Ah dont worry about it guys.

Listen, the most important review is your one. And these reviews actually prove that point. Try it out if you were looking forward to it. The biggest uniform complaint is the lack of variety over the 10 hours or so it takes to complete the game.

Enjoy it and make up your own minds :)


Contemporise man!

DigitalHope1384d ago

After GamerGate and the review scores I no longer trust any gaming media reviews. If I follow a game from production to release I will buy it and form my own opinions from here on out. Really looking forward to this game.

starchild1384d ago

Totally agree. We have plenty of gameplay videos and previews and reviews to help us get a sense of whether we will like the game.

As gaming matures as a craft I see that games are becoming more and more polarizing or variable in their appeal. We don't all like the same movies and it's certainly the case with games too.

I have noticed, though, that most of the sites that gave it lower scores tend to be the more mainstream sites like IGN, Gamespot, Game Informer, etc.

Kane221384d ago

why is it sad? cause they didn't give it a huigh score....there are a lot of games that get good reviews and still end up sucking aka GTA4. i bet you didnt even read why they gave these score did you. also gameinformer gave it a 7.75 is that sad too.....

DaleCooper1384d ago

Another AAA game where the story falls flat. Guess I gotta keep playing indie games for a good story these days.

Pozzle1384d ago

To be fair, who plays an Alien game for the story? As long as it has a bunch of people trapped in a spaceship with a terrifying Xenomorph, I'll be one happy gamer.

Kane221384d ago

i was hoping that the story was good. gameplay isn't the only reason why i want to play this game.

sprinterboy1384d ago

It's a no brainer for me to wait for project morpheus patch b4 playing this tbh

Kingdomcome2471384d ago

Odd that Game Informer mentions poor lighting. Almost every review I've read whether negative or positive, has invariably gone on to praise the lighting.

starchild1384d ago

Anybody with eyes can see that the lighting is phenomenal. Their statement has me scratching my head.

Kingdomcome2471383d ago

I'm not too knowledgeable, but it looks good to me.