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A shorter, sharper campaign would condense the high points more potently, and some better characterisation would make the plot twists hit harder. But if you're looking for a game that really sinks its teeth into what makes this iconic movie monster endure, look no further.

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starchild1330d ago

Polarized reviews for sure. Most seem to be on the high end of 8s and 9s, but then you have those mainstream sites like IGN and gamespot giving it scores down around 6.

I already have a good sense of the game and I know that I will very likely enjoy it a lot. Stealth is my very favorite genre of game and this looks like a truly fresh take on it.

Allsystemgamer1330d ago

It definitely seems like it will satisfy fans of the franchise. Why they decided to add guns...beyond me. You get a'd think it would be effective against an alien. Where's the logic? Keep guns out! But oh well I'm buying it for the xeno action

hemmo19861330d ago

General reviews are good. First reviews I read were IGN and Gamespot,so I thought "oh no way" but I think it depends on what sought of game your after. I'm not after run and gun so I'm looking forward to checking this out.

Gamer7771330d ago

Good to see this game is getting good reviews. I'm also pleased this game didn't have a strict review embargo like Colonial Marines. I may have to pick this up sometime for PS4 or XB1.