Destiny Mythbusters Proves you can Avoid Warlock Special by Sitting Down

"Youtube channel DefendTheHouse has started a Destiny Mythbusters series."

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logan_izer101328d ago

That's a grenade... Not a special

asadachi1328d ago

they should actually wait for the hobgoblin shield to deploy and test it again

Ace Killa 081328d ago

My guess is they didn't try it once and said "Yep it works myth busted fells"

BattleAxe1328d ago

I'll be sure to sit down at capture points from now on.....

Deividas1328d ago

Yes, and you will still get destroyed by a Warlocks actual special...or you know...bullets....

BattleAxe1328d ago

Yes, but at least I will go peacefully.