Yes, DirectX 12 is Shipping with Windows 10

Maximum PC: In case you were wondering, Microsoft fully intends to bake DirectX 12 support into the final version of Windows 10 when it releases next year, the company confirmed in a DX developer blog post. Oh, and also in case you were wondering, Microsoft thinks "it's going to be awesome," which is much better than the company saying, "Meh, it's simply okay. Actually, it kind of sucks, but we're including it anyway."

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TheWackyMan1383d ago

That report. DirectX is obviously video gaming relating.

nX1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

It's kinda funny that someone reported it in the first place :D
I'd be interested in seeing what advantages developers gain from DX12.

MCTJim1383d ago

what else would you use it for? Not gaming related? Come on.

AndrewLB1383d ago

Not to nit pick but it's also used for almost all audio playback via direct-sound, mining, scientific use, and other forms of GPGPU type work via direct-compute, direct-write, and a ton of other features. The Direct3d portion of Direct X that's used to render graphics is only a tiny portion of the software package.

And to those of you asking about it being used in Windows 7... your answer is a big fat NO. While most people think it's part of Windows 8.1 via an update, I have a feeling Microsoft is going to give windows 8.1 directX 11.2 and partial DirectX 12. And i hear 8.1 will not get the low level graphics API portion of DirectX 12, forcing everyone to upgrade.

TheWackyMan1383d ago

God forbid people play video games on the PC.

annoyedgamer1383d ago

Good but the more pressing question is will it appear on Windows 7...

KrisButtar1383d ago

DX12 exclusively on Windows 10?

AndrewLB1383d ago

No. Windows 8.1 will get part of the DirectX 12 feature set. BUT... it may not be getting the low level API component. That will be Windows 10 only... which comes out in about 6-8 months. I'm downloading windows 10 technical preview (beta) right now. It already looks like a huge improvement over windows 8.1.

Sonital1383d ago

Where did you read that?

donthate1383d ago

Most of if not all of the features are coming to DirectX 11.3 from DX 12. The only thing missing from what I hear is the processor overhead and load distribution feature is not there.

That is a major feature though, but my preview of Win10 is awesome. You wouldn't want to miss it!

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The story is too old to be commented.